Big Kenyan Woman Fucks a Little Man with Big Dick and Won’t Let Go

Horny Kenyan Woman with Huge Ass

Horny Kenyan Woman with Huge Ass


“So you must wear a skirt with no underwear” Donald said on the phone.

“Ok, I will do so” Malia said.

To Donald, women in skirts sexually aroused him. The thought of a big-bootied woman sitting on your lap and pulling back her skirt to insert your dick drove him crazy.

Malia came into the dining room, she was a large woman, not fat but just proportional. Compared to Donald’s frame, Malia was a giant. Donald was a slim guy and he was looking forward to satisfy his fetish of sexing a woman who is taller and bigger than himself.

They say big women are gentle giants and have less drama than short women. Maybe it’s due to the fact that big women are not threatened by smaller men.

Malia sat on the sofa, the television was on. She looked like someone who was keen to spend the day. Last time, the encounter did not end well. Although Donald had told her to go because he didn’t like her attitude, she really wanted to taste his dick. It was hard for her to leave the house.

This time she wanted to make things right. She didn’t want to mess up the meeting. But as they watched television and spoke, Donald could sense the nervousness in her. She was an amateur who was not sure how to perform in bed. Part of her was fear of sex and another part was desperation to please a man. How could a single mum like this lack experience?

As Donald kept on talking, an hour had passed and it was obvious that Malia was getting impatient. She wanted to get undressed. Donald casually nodded but he was deliberately slow to stand up. He eyed her thighs. For the first time he acted like he didn’t hear anything, and only got up when Malia reminded him for the second time.

He was not going to drop his trousers there and then, so he went behind Malia and grabbed her from behind. He sat behind her with his legs straddling her back and ass. He wanted to feel her big ass with his dick.Suddenly he was aroused, he locked his hands tightly around her, grabbing and squashing her boobs. Malia sat silently and submissively while watching TV, allowing the little man to subdue her big body.

Donald was getting pleasure, playing with the boobs of a giant. He removed his trousers and threw it away, his dick was erect. He unbuttoned Malia’s shirt and squashed her hanging mature boobs. Quickly, he pulled back her skirt to reveal her thighs. She was wearing a thong. He massaged her thighs, moving back to her boobs like someone who didn’t want to lose contact even for a second.

She was heavy, and the toll was starting to take effect on his thighs, so she made her stand up. He started kissing her back, she took off her skirt. His dick was dripping with cum which spilled on the floor. He inserted his dick in her big brown ass, and pushed back and forth like it was the best job in the world. The cum lubricated Malia’s ass who was having a hard time getting wet. He pumped her ass while holding on to her pair of boobs with both hands.

She moved closer to the long couch. He followed her while coupled to her ass like a magnet. As she lay down on the sofa with her ass sticking up, the dick was temporarily decoupled. She looked at his dick, then turned around with her legs wide open. It was a huge dick, bigger than those big bellied guys. She wanted the missionary position. He moved on top of her, inserting his dick with ease and pumping up and down, with his hands resting on the couch.

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