Russian Woman in Bra and Red Hair – PLUS: 35 Year Old Female Teacher Seduces 3 Underage Boys for Sex in the Park and Car


A sexy Russian woman in bra

A sexy Russian woman in bra

Russian Woman in Bra and Red Hair

This sexy Russian woman is spotting some long red brownish hair and she is wearing a beautiful black lace bra. She is as white as the snow in Siberia – a really perfect skin tone for those ladies who don’t like their exotic tan.


35 Year Old Female Teacher Seduces 3 Underage Boys for Sex in the Park and Car

Davis County – A 35-year old woman from Utah,USA is facing jail time after admitting to having sex with 3 high school boys in separate incidents. The woman, who was an English teacher at Davis County High School is reported to have slept with teenage boys until she was arrested in 2013.She was released on bail when the first report was made, but the court sent her to jail when two other boys reported having slept with her.

The woman, Brianne Altice has been denied bail after it emerged that she was a sex predator who did not only sleep with one but three boys. She is being accused of 14 felonies, but the court has given her an option to admit to forced sex to avoid a lengthy trial that would require her to be tried separately for all felonies. She took the deal to plead guilty to forced sex, involving three separate incidences and hence her felony charges have been reduced from 14 to 3.She will not face trial for 11 other charges.

Brianne Altice has pleaded guilty and her crimes carry a minimum sentence of 3 years in prison, and the longest sentence she might get is 45 years.

Parents of the kids who fell victim to Altice’s sexual appetite are not so satisfied with the dismissal of other charges, and they have already sued the school. The school fired Altice after putting her on forced leave.

As the story goes, Altice’s sex exploits with school boys became the talk of the school, with students telling jokes about who is next to sleep with Mrs. Altice.The disgraced school teacher had a husband when she committed these offenses, and according to a lawsuit filed by the parents, the female teacher had sexual encounters with young boys in the park, and sometimes in her car. She seduced the boys privately, starting with an innocent kiss and culminating in full blown sex. The amorous woman with a taste for under-age boys did not look so happy when she was handcuffed and taken away by the guards after the court proceedings. Her face was red like a woman who can’t believe what happened to her, but she knew what she was doing – that sleeping with school kids is illegal. Not only did the woman’s career go down the drain, but she lost her husband too.


SOURCE – Salt Lake Tribune


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