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Nice busty cleavage and flat belly

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Lovers Die After Sexing in Car

KENTUCKY – A couple from Kentucky, USA was found dead inside a car, after they fell asleep with car windows closed. The 31-year old man David Long, and her 25-year old girlfriend Violet, had just finished having sex inside the car, when they feel asleep.

They closed the windows in an attempt to keep warm while enjoying sex, but closing the car windows and forgetting to turn off the engine can be fatal. This is exactly what happened, some carbon monoxide escaped through a crack in the vehicle’s exhaust pipe and made its way inside the car. They apparently inhaled the carbon-monoxide which was building up inside the car while fast asleep.

It is a common thing for couples to sleep immediately after having sex,but David and Violet never woke up to see another day. They died peacefully inside the car.

Their dead bodies were only discovered the next morning by David’s brother. He was taking his kids to school when he decided to check the car. He called the paramedics, but they never came to attend the emergency, instead they directed him to perform a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The CPR didn’t work as the couple was already dead. While the county sheriff insists that the incident occurred while the couple was sleeping, the WCPO says the original statement made by Sheriff Neale is the true one.Meanwhile, no official reports have been released. Medical investigations are yet to be done to determine the cause.

Source: New York Daily News

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