Curvy Black American Girl with Smoking Hot Body in Bikini – PLUS: Finally Meet at The Post Office


Black girl with hot smoking body in bikini

Black girl with hot smoking body in bikini

A beautiful curvy  black girl at a tropical beach with a shapely figure, leans against a palm tree in a sexy posture. She is wearing a green beach bikini and bra. You definitely can’t ignore her  well tanned / toned thighs, sexy slim waist and big well-shaped butt.

David and Pamela Finally Meet at The Post Office -2

David quickly put his house in order, swept away the mess on the floor and made up his bed. He casually walked to the shops with a feeling of excitement and adventure on his mind. The shops were just 15 minutes away. As he approached the shops, he turned around the petrol service station and walked slowly towards the Post Office.

At this point, he knew that Pamela might be watching him, so he went straight to the Post Office without looking sideways like somebody who ain’t looking for someone. He came out of the shops and sent a text message to Pamela, who was sitting just a few meters away from Post Office at the parking bay shade. He calmly stood outside, like somebody who is taking a break. He pulled out his phone and called, waiting for a text message was ridiculous:

“I can’t see you, where are you sitting?” he asked.

“I am at the shade, sitting with my neighbor” Pamela said

“Ok I can see you now” David said as he looked towards the parking bay.


David spotted a lady sitting under the shade, and started walking towards her. He didn’t stare at the lady as he approached her. He greeted her and stood there while they were chatting. A parking bay assistant who was chatting to Pamela asked David for a $10 to get a taxi. David dug into his pocket and pulled a $200 note as Pamela was watching. She came closer to David and whispered in her ear “Don’t give him anything”.

David ignored Pamela, as he gave the man some $1 dollar coins, “Sorry man, that’s all I got, I don’t have change.” Pamela was sitting on the bench, she was wearing some fishnet leggings. As they excitedly exchanged words, a man in a taxi was stealing a glance at Pamela. David knew what the man was thinking, he felt a little bit uncomfortable with all the attention that was directed at them, but he quickly waved away the feeling ,and putting on an I-Don’t-Care attitude. So what if I am seen walking with a lady wearing fishnets? How do you know, maybe I am just her brother or cousin, he quietly reasoned. Unlike the poor taxi driver who obviously had dirty thoughts running through his mind, David never stared at Pamela, they sat there like old friends.


They chatted for a long time, until Pamela asked David to sit down.

“Are you not feeling tired, please sit down” Pamela said.

“Oh thanks, I was really feeling tired but it’s getting late and too cold to sit down here” David said.

“Can we please go to your place then, where do you stay?” Pamela asked.

“Hmmm I stay just close by, just across the shops” David said as they started walking home. He had been standing there for more than an hour, and his legs were feeling cranky. They slowly walked along the main road as tourists headed for Joes Beerhouse passed them by.



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