Student South African Girl Shines in Short Jeans and Converse Sneakers

Black South African University Girl in Sexy Casual Attire

Black South African University Girl in Sexy Casual Attire

A gorgeous South African girl strutting out in the open air gathering for students. She looks smashing beautiful in sexy short jeans, Converse sneakers and sleeveless t-shirt.

Body Language – It looks like this college girl was stopped by some news reporter or event photographer, and she is obliging to have some snapshots taken of her. Just like what a celebrity would do if they were asked for an autograph, there is no assumption of airs or attitudes. You are just being kind to offer your attention.

Booty – The girl is tight, with a perfect rear that looks so firm and shapely [8/10]

Boobs – Perfect for her sexy and fit body [8/10]

Waist – You can tell that this girl is physically fit, she has an athletic body that has managed to retain much of its feminine features, talk about internal strength. Her waist is trim, her belly is flat and she has amazing legs. [9/10]

Face – She is a pretty girl, taking the time to stop for a photo shoot with grace and patience.

Lips – Okay

Hair – Short and sexy for her good-looking face,

Swag – You have to love the girl’s casual attire. It’s smart, clean and simple. The contrast is cool and refreshing, white canvas tommys and white sleeveless t-shirt, with neat blue jean mini shorts providing a break. The girl looks stunning against the cool background and overcast weather.

Overall – We love this young female college student, she exudes some elegance, patience and grace. She chose the best attire for this field event, an occasion to wear casual.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


Converse Sneakers for Girls – The girl above looks splendid. She looks neat and smart in white sneakers. These takkies can be obtained from most retail shops as well as footwear shops and fashion shops in your country. They are cool for field events and sporting, you might wear them when you are going to watch sports at the campus, taking part in open air social gatherings, participating in extramural activities, at a trade fair and many other recreational activities.

Girls will like the bright colours such as white, yellow, orange and gold. Feminine colours like pink, purple and rose are also available. If you are in the performing arts, you can get stylish takkies with patterns or those that are tinted with glitter and crystals. These stylish Converse takkies can also be worn at the club and other entertainment venues, for example, a show or beauty pageant hosted by the college. You can also wear these awesome sneakers to wow your schoolmates during Civics Day.

Jean Mini Shorts for Young WomenShort jean pants are very sexy, a favourite item for girls and young ladies nowadays. They represent the emancipation of women and their freedom to wear what they like. They have become more popular than jean dresses in this generation. Not only are they preferred by wild girls who prefer a Tomboy look, but they have been adopted by many emancipated women who will wear them at parties, clubs, social gatherings, when travelling, camping or just out in the field. They are good for recreational activities and field projects, and hence, you will find many female students at the campus wearing them.

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