South African Girls with Swag – Five Hip Hop Teens Show How It’s Done – Vans Sneakers, Necklaces and Knit Hats

Five South African Teenage Girls in Hip Hop Attire

Five South African Teenage Girls in Hip Hop Attire

A display of swag from five teenage South African girls from the hood, showing how it’s done with Vans Takkies, chains, knit hats, crop t-shirts and low hung sweat pants. Two girls are wearing Converse sneakers and the other three are wearing Vans sneakers.

Body Language – The teens are definitely enjoying themselves, now that’s quite some attitude from the hood sisters. A show of 110% young confidence by our sisters, the two girls at the extreme ends are even trying to kick the air or attempting to fly. We like this cute display.

Booty – It’s too early to discuss booties at this age.

Boobs – This is not the right time to discuss boobs, let’s wait until the girls grow up.

Waist – The teen girls ain’t shy to display their fine and slim midriffs. It’s nice to know that they are taking care of themselves at this early age.

Face – Our young hood sisters would properly be called “sisters with an attitude” or simply SWA. Now that’s what I’m talking about, keep it real and serious.

Lips – What a stupid question, those girls must be laughing at you. Give the kids a break, they aren’t working yet, so how do you expect them to buy some fancy makeup?

Hair – Our dreadlocked sisters look good in those bleached dreads or is it golden or blonde dreads. Whatever it is, they form a fantastic group.

Swag – A cute show of swag and attitude by the girls. All of them are wearing the same theme, which looks fantastic on all members, white hip hop woolen caps, bare midriff black crop t-shirts, short legged tracksuit bottoms, exposed socks and Vans sneakers. The hood attire is adopted to the full by putting on silver chains and low hung pants. This fantastic group of girls decided to put on glasses, which brings a sweet element to neutralize the hardcore stance, you know bring it a notch down like Boyz 2 Men.

Overall – We like the attitude, confidence and swag displayed by these young hip hop girls from down South.

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