South African Girl with Dope Booty Barely Covered

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Black girl wearing a micro mini skirt embellished with diamond crystals

Black girl wearing a micro mini skirt embellished with diamond crystals

A sexy South African woman wearing low-hanging panty that struggles to cover the big booty, sexy bum tattoos, diamond crystal embedded bra and panty. Am joking, this must be an African American babe.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – Our black girl looks happy and excited because she has got some booty that she wants to show to the world.Okay, we all love booty but it looks too firm to be real. We wish we could touch it to find out if it’s not rubbery but it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to see these things from afar.

Booty – We don’t know if it’s natural or not, but it still looks bootylicious [5/10]

Boobs – Those boobs look too good to be real, but they are still nice [5/10]

Waist – The waist cannot be faked, so that’s one thing we love [8/10]

What the Face is saying – “I am just happy to be me” A chick with a good attitude. She has got something to be happy about, we love the smile, and the confidence that she exudes. The happiest chick that I have ever seen on airtimechicks.She is also a pretty face. We don’t normally rate the face and attitude, but she is a first, so we give her [9/10]

What the Lips are saying – Good lipstick application and healthy white teeth, plus great smile.

Hair – Her hair looks ordinary, nothing fancy, but the dreads fit well with her attire.

Swag – The girl loves shiny things. The precious stone crystals on her bra and panty are just okay. Should we call this bedroom swag or makeup room swag? She is also wearing a crystal encrusted bracelet, sending the message that she is a queen of some sort. The sexy tattoos on her bums are quickly noticeable.

Would you want to bang this chick? – That would be great

Overall – A woman with good attitude, great smile and confidence. [7/10]

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

A red crystal gem bra and panty by StoreEnvy

Bra with diamond crystals – The beautiful lady is wearing some fantasy bra dotted with diamond crystals, which might also be any other precious stone or synthetic material. You would wear this kind of bra when you are a show girl performing in a night club or if you happen to be a fantasy wear model. You would have to be in your underwear to show off this shiny bra, otherwise there is no need to get this bra if you have to put your top on. Any occasion where you are required to be topless will be the right occasion to put on this bra.

Sexy Japanese girl wearing micro mini skirt by Sarsha Lingerie

Skin-tight Super micro mini skirt – This tight and nasty mini skirt is the shortest of them all, you might confuse it for some panties because it looks like a band of cloth or bandana wrapped around your booty. This is a very sexy outfit that you might wear in your bedroom, pool party, beach or night club to shock the audience. Night time would be the best time to wear this thing. Performing girls and female backup dancers are no stranger to this hot piece of cloth that makes you look like you picked it up along the way when you lost your clothes. If you want to look like a bad girl who just lost her clothes, then you should definitely go for this tight micro mini skirt.

If you have a really dope booty, then this piece of cloth will struggle to harness your bums, making the guys go crazy. Shock value decreases as the size of your bums and hips become smaller. Slim girls can wear this thing in public without getting too much attention, as you would expect from a curvy or bootylicious woman.
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