Mzansi Chicks | African Girl with Fine Boobs in Night Dress

A picture is worth a thousand words:

South African girl with no bra, showing fine cleavage

South African girl with no bra, showing fine cleavage

A braless beautiful South African girl showing some fine boobs that will make you swallow, wearing an African head wrap, some nice matching earrings, red polished nails and good lipstick.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – This is one beautiful woman, looking happy and definitely enjoying the moment. She might completely cover up her boobs and still look good.

Booty – Unfortunately, the camera does not show us her back assets

Boobs – She’s got perfect boobs, and the thin strapped bare shoulder dress that she is wearing does a good job of exposing of her cleavage, yummy! [9/10]

Waist – Her waist is hidden from the camera, but by the look of things, it seems she is a total package.

What the Face is saying – You can tell that she was not ready for the attention, but nevertheless she is extremely photogenic. She is capable of offering the best shot from any angle, whether she is happy, surprised, shy, nonchalant or serious, the picture is just awesome.

What the Lips are saying – The best lips and the best smile. A professional light touch of lipstick that brightens and moistens her lips.

Hair – The top knot bun weave hairstyle looks extremely good on this African girl, and she completes the art by putting a green African head wrap that matches well with her earrings.

Swag – The lady has got swag, everything matches well and looks natural on her, from the elegant African head scarf to her bare shoulder night dress that exposes her fine skin and boobs, the lady is admirable.

Would you want to bang this chick? – Hmmmm

Overall – This is nature’s beautiful product, she has the face and bust of a model, her skin has an attractive and healthy tone, matches well with her dress. The camera loves her, she has a sweet smile, and we love her hairstyle. This is a real African queen to be proud of.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Liliana Casanova Lutece Silk Lace Mousseline Nightdress Thin Strap – from HoneyBee Lingerie

Bare shoulder Night dress – The woman is wearing an open shoulder night dress with spaghetti straps. This sexy night dress has thin straps and it will expose your boob cleavage, covering a little more than half of your bust, and short of exposing your nipples, in a teasing way. The same style is also available for sundresses and party dresses that require you to show more of your upper body flesh. To make the outfit look good on your body, you have to be braless, so if you are thinking of wearing a bra with this dress, you must think again because it’s a night dress, and anyway if you do wear a bra, you will look like somebody with no fashion sense.

Midnight Blue Thin Strap Bare Back Dress – from Nelly

Top knot bun weave – You can get this hairstyle from hair suppliers as natural human Brazilian hair or synthetic hair, manufactured in China or Hong Kong. There are many types of colours, ranging from natural dark for African women to blonde for Asian/European women. The top knot bun and similar styles, goes well with an African head scarf.

Hair Knot Bun by Soft Degree – from Aliexpress

African head scarves – This is a head wrap that you can put around your top knot bun weave. It looks elegant and beautiful, as you can see, the lady above, she looks both sexy and elegant, when she is wearing this thing together with a spaghetti strap night dress. You can get head wraps of various patterns and sizes from Aliexpress.You have to learn how to put a head wrap appropriately by watching an online tutorial.

Check the African Head Wrap Styles – from CreativeFashionByQueenD

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