South African Girl | When Nicki Minaj Says You Have Perfect Boobs


The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

Linda Zwayi woke up late in the morning at 10:00, ready to go shopping in the city centre. She was going to take her time, it was a way of distressing, floating away from the troubles of her relationship. It had been a long time, about two weeks now, since they made love. She had been wondering why Chris, her boyfriend, no longer gave her the attention that she needed, as it was in the beginning of their relationship. Was he seeing another woman? Was she not good enough in bed? What does he think about?

All kinds of thoughts ran through Linda’s mind while she was bathing. As she left her house, walking leisurely towards the main road to catch a taxi, she couldn’t help but look hard at any woman who walked by in the vicinity, she was unconsciously comparing herself to these strangers, every now and then, she would check a woman’s ass and boobs, and conclude that it was either much better or worse than mine.

She waved down a taxi which was almost full, with space only for one more passenger in the back seat. She jumped in, and sat next to a middle-aged man who eyed her chest as she got in. Greetings were exchanged but the man kept glancing at her boobs, while trying to strike up a conversation.

Linda dropped off in the city centre, then made her way to Edgars Stores in the shopping complex. While she was busy checking out outfits, she noticed a Nicki Minaj look-alike, the only difference was that she was in South Africa, not Hollywood, also she didn’t seem to have bodyguards around her or the paparazzi running after her with snapshots.

As Linda watched the Nicki Minaj look-alike, she thought the woman had a perfect body to die for, big boobs and big ass, the type of body that she envied, which would make other women jealous. Maybe Chris would never ignore her if she had this type of body. The Nicki Minaj look-alike moved closer to Linda, and said “Hie madam, you look beautiful, are you looking for a pair of bras?” Linda was overwhelmed and at the same time humbled, she didn’t expect this beautiful woman to compliment her. This woman who is obviously more beautiful than me just called me “beautiful”, she thought. Before Linda could answer back, the Nicki Minaj look-alike shot back “I wish I had perfect boobs like you”. Is that true, Linda thought, all she could manage to say was “Thank you, I appreciate that”.

Chris was at work, talking about his boring relationship and how her wife was throwing moods over the past two weeks. He had been spending much time outside the home, hanging out with friends, watching soccer at the bar and flirting with new friends. This was the daily routine, he would come home at 8:00 pm at night, ready to fall asleep.

Chris got home and opened the gate with his remote, he parked the car in the garage, but instead of heading straight for the front door, he decided to go around the house. He didn’t know why but as he went around the house, something caught his attention. The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.She was wearing big round earrings,simple but elegant.The hand that covered her breasts spotted a silver ring.There was transparent lipstick on her juicy lips, well-oiled and ready for pleasurable sucking.

He watched closely as her topless wife talked to the mirror. She was in love with her…..boobs, there was confidence in her face.

Chris quietly sneaked to towards the back door without making a sound, he slowly opened the bedroom door and stepped towards his wife who had his back on him. He put his arms around her, kissed her neck and shoulders while groping her boobs….

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