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Do you want to watch exclusive porn that is not available on the internet? Are you looking for a Netflix of Porn, where you can only get the best porn DVDs? The best place to get x-rated sex DVDs is Adult Rental.  So how is DVD rental different from the mainstream porn that you find on the internet?

Exclusive Content

The kind of porn that you find on the internet is stale because it has been shared a thousand times by hundreds of porn sites and networks. Just like a gamer who has played all the free games that you can mention, lovers of free porn are familiar with porn clips. Clip porn is low quality and it usually lacks the excitement and depth of a storyline.

With DVD Rental, you will have access to thousands of exclusive porn DVDs that you have probably never seen before. When watching the DVDs, you will enjoy the picture quality as well as the seductive storyline and fantasy behind the movie.

Porn Movie Series

More than a decade ago, people were excited with new movie releases that would make their debut at cinemas and movie theatres across the country, and the world at large. Nowadays, only a few people still go to theatres. Many prefer to watch a movie series which is an extension of the old mini-series.

Modern film producers are moving with the trends. Instead of producing a single 1 or 2 hour movie that is expected to be a blockbuster or movie of the year, they have moved on to produce Series Movies with many episodes that can be watched over a long time. The advantage of series movies is that they are addictive. You always want to know what will happen in the next episode, and you can never have enough. Movie companies have produced all kinds of movie series from action to romance, thriller and horror.

Also available are adult series movies which include a lot of x-rated content like sex, fantasies and fetishes. You can watch these movies over a long period, enjoying each and every episode in the privacy of your home. They can be streamed over a service like Netflix, where you only need to pay a small monthly subscription fee to gain access to thousands of DVDs.

A porn movie series is not like an internet clip that you would download on BangBros or PornHub. High quality work has been invested in the movie and millions of dollars have been splashed to make it a premium movie with a captivating storyline.

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Sex Skills and Exercise DVDs

When you get access to a DVD Rental service that streams movies like Netflix, you will not only have access to adult movies, but you will also have access to premium sex training videos and movies that are not available on free sites. There is a variety of sex DVDs that you will find. Sex coaches skilled in the art and science of physical fitness will show you some sex exercise tricks and skills, from demonstrating endurance to performing optimum positions and other advanced techniques.

There are hundreds of unique DVDs themed around sex, and you will be glad you subscribed to such hard to find content.

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