Russian Woman in Bra and Red Hair – PLUS: 35 Year Old Female Teacher Seduces 3 Underage Boys for Sex in the Park and Car


A sexy Russian woman in bra
A sexy Russian woman in bra

Russian Woman in Bra and Red Hair

This sexy Russian woman is spotting some long red brownish hair and she is wearing a beautiful black lace bra. She is as white as the snow in Siberia – a really perfect skin tone for those ladies who don’t like their exotic tan.


35 Year Old Female Teacher Seduces 3 Underage Boys for Sex in the Park and Car

Davis County – A 35-year old woman from Utah,USA is facing jail time after admitting to having sex with 3 high school boys in separate incidents. The woman, who was an English teacher at Davis County High School is reported to have slept with teenage boys until she was arrested in 2013.She was released on bail when the first report was made, but the court sent her to jail when two other boys reported having slept with her.

The woman, Brianne Altice has been denied bail after it emerged that she was a sex predator who did not only sleep with one but three boys. She is being accused of 14 felonies, but the court has given her an option to admit to forced sex to avoid a lengthy trial that would require her to be tried separately for all felonies. She took the deal to plead guilty to forced sex, involving three separate incidences and hence her felony charges have been reduced from 14 to 3.She will not face trial for 11 other charges.

Brianne Altice has pleaded guilty and her crimes carry a minimum sentence of 3 years in prison, and the longest sentence she might get is 45 years.

Parents of the kids who fell victim to Altice’s sexual appetite are not so satisfied with the dismissal of other charges, and they have already sued the school. The school fired Altice after putting her on forced leave.

As the story goes, Altice’s sex exploits with school boys became the talk of the school, with students telling jokes about who is next to sleep with Mrs. Altice.The disgraced school teacher had a husband when she committed these offenses, and according to a lawsuit filed by the parents, the female teacher had sexual encounters with young boys in the park, and sometimes in her car. She seduced the boys privately, starting with an innocent kiss and culminating in full blown sex. The amorous woman with a taste for under-age boys did not look so happy when she was handcuffed and taken away by the guards after the court proceedings. Her face was red like a woman who can’t believe what happened to her, but she knew what she was doing – that sleeping with school kids is illegal. Not only did the woman’s career go down the drain, but she lost her husband too.


SOURCE – Salt Lake Tribune


Sexy Russian Girl in Tight Leggings and Crop Top – PLUS: Arizona Woman Exposes Breasts, Allows Boys to Fondle Her, Then Performs Oral Sex with One Boy at Bar Mitzvah Party


A sexy, slim and curvy Russian Woman in tight pants and crop top - amazing body
A sexy, slim and curvy Russian Woman in tight pants and crop top – amazing body

Sexy Russian Girl in Tight Leggings and Crop Top

A tall and sexy Russian girl leans against a wall and showcasing her curvy body. The woman is beautiful and long haired, with sharply lined long eye brows. She is a perfectly slim girl with a small waist, shapely booty and slightly large boobs.The attire she is wearing defines her curves very well, some tight black leggings and extremely short black crop top that exposes her fine long belly. She’s got perfect skin too.



Arizona Woman Exposes Breasts, Allows Boys to Fondle Her, Then Performs Oral Sex with One Boy at Bar Mitzvah Party

Scottsdale – A 33-year old woman from Arizona in the USA who had recently obtained some cosmetic breasts implants has been accused of removing her shirt and allowing young boys to fondle her breasts at a party in Bar Mitzvah. The matured woman who is a Yoga teacher exposed her breasts before a room full of under-aged boys.

She did not only allow a group of young boys to touch her breasts, but she performed oral sex with one of the boys after the rest had left the party. The woman gave the boy some head inside the room, a sexual act also known as fellatio, where one partner rubs and sucks the other person’s sexual organ, giving a pleasurable sensation.

The woman was obviously excited by her new pair of sexy breast implants, that she couldn’t resist talking about it and even displaying them.

The lawyers representing the woman say she didn’t know what was happening because her drinks were laced with drugs. The woman was arrested but released when the courts asked for further probes. The woman Lindsey Ann Radomski, has been charged with having sexual relations with an under-age boy, and she also faces charges for indecently exposing herself in public.

The incidence happened at a house party, which was attended by many guests. When the guests left, Lindsey and some young boys stayed behind. That’s when she exposed her breasts in front of the boys. She denies the accusations being leveled against her, and she says she was too drunk to recall what was happening.

Meanwhile, further investigations are in progress and the police have not dropped the charges.


SOURCE – NY Daily News


Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt – PLUS: Prostitute Who Administered Fatal Heroin Overdose on Client Will Serve 1 Year in Jail


Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt
A hot Russian woman in the office giving a peak of her cleavage from her unbuttoned shirt – so sexy

Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt

Here is your dream Russian woman looking on her iphone.This pretty and sexy office lady took some time to free herself during a lunch break. Blessed is the boss who hired her, he must be the happiest boss in the world, waking up every morning to greet a beautiful Russian secretary as he makes his way to his office. Which boss wouldn’t resist giving this girl a promotion when he catches her red-handed like this – with an unbuttoned white shirt,grey office suit for ladies and tight bodycon mini skirt. Watching those big boobs is the only thing you need to make your day at the office.


Prostitute Who Administered Fatal Heroin Overdose on Client Will Serve 1 Year in Jail

A 27-year old call girl from California, USA was sentenced to 6 years in prison which is effectively 1 year in jail after 3 were suspended and 2 already served for administering a fatal heroin overdose on a Google Executive who had hired her at his private yacht to provide escort services.

The Google Executive by the name Forrest Hayes, died after being given a heroin shot in his yacht. The lady who is accused of killing Hayes, Alix Tichelman, is a well known prostitute and escort with rich clients paying for her services. She also runs a Facebook Page and Twitter account, where she is gathering support and sympathizers for what she claims “being wrongly jailed”.

On her Twitter account, Alix calls herself the “baddest bitch, artist, hustler, model, writer, stylist and exotic dancer”

An internet search of her name labels her profession as a “prostitute”.

Google is an online advertising network which gets most its revenue from search engine advertisers, and as such Forrest Hayes must have been a highly paid executive, who was spending his money on finer things of life. It is not clear how he got to be poisoned with an overdose of heroin, but there is video evidence which was captured by an internal camera which shows the old man lying helplessly as Alix made her way out of the yacht while holding a glass of wine.

According to recent posts on her Facebook Page, Alix appears not to be devastated but in a positive mood about her jail sentence, which only allows her to serve one year in jail, after 3 of the 6 years are suspended with 2 years already served.

The fatal incidence that caused Alix to be arrested and create a notorious reputation in the media happened in 2013, so she has already done two years in prison, while waiting for a final verdict. Effectively, it’s a one year jail sentence which will see her released in 2016.After stepping out of the yacht and leaving the drugged Hayes to die alone, as in a movie-style scene, she ran away from the police who were trying to get hold of her. She was finally caught after police set up a trap to lure her into accepting a $1,000 cash offer for sex via emails and SMS.

What’s clear is that Alix is a controversial woman. One her Facebook account, a boastful post was seen but later deleted, in which she claims to have killed many people before and having over 200 customers who are in need of her escort services.

Coincidentally, Alix’s boyfriend died under the same circumstances as Hayes two months earlier. Her boyfriend Dean Riopelle died after being administered a heroin shot. Mysteriously, the matter was not investigated.Alix called for emergency soon after her boyfriend collapsed.

Hayes was 51 years old when he died and he had 5 kids.

SOURCE – NY Daily News


Pretty Russian Girl with Big Boobs – PLUS : Woman Accused of Having Sex with 3 Teenage Boys She Met on Social Media Gets 10 Years in Jail

A pretty,cute and seductive Russian / Japanese woman looking hot as she unveils her big boobs
A pretty,cute and seductive Russian / Japanese woman looking hot as she unveils her big boobs

Pretty Russian Girl with Big Boobs

This sexy and seductive Russian girl must be a mix because she has some Japanese features on her face. The result is a hottie with big boobs and pretty face. She is all that you would want in a woman and hey who can deny that she is wearing a lovely red bra.


Woman Accused of Having Sex with 3 Teenage Boys She Met on Social Media Gets 10 Years in Jail

Maricopa – A 24-year old woman by the name Anna Areola Hernandez from Arizona, USA has received a 10-year jail sentence after she was found guilty of seducing 3 under-aged boys and having sex with them. The woman, who has been accused by the boys’ mothers of being a stalker and child molester, used social media to prey on young boys.

She had social media accounts on Facebook, Tango, SnapChat and Kik where she pretended to be a teenager, going by the name “Tiny Hernandez”. No-one was visibly upset by the sentence she got like the teenagers’ mothers. They felt she deserved a longer sentence for predating on kids.

Anna Hernandez, who has without doubt, been acting like a serial stalker and child molester on social media, would meet up with the teenage boys, then ply their drinks with drugs before having sex with them.

One of the boys has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease after Anna had sex with him. It seems Anna infected the teenager with an STD known as Chlamydia.

The courtroom scene was emotional as the boys’ mothers took turns to lash out at Anna and label her as a serial sex pervert who bullied their kids into having sex with her. The accused cried as the mothers shouted obscenities at her while testifying. One of the mothers could be heard shouting:

“You are a child molester Anna!!! F**K you too”

Anna has been described by her defense lawyer as a mentally ill adult with a low IQ, who has problems in relating with adult men, thus she turned to kids.

The accused female sex predator has shown remorse and she told the press that she will undergo a behavioral correctional program while serving time in jail.


SOURCE – AZ Central


Sexy Russian Woman in G-String Flaunts Tight Booty – PLUS: Uber Driver Attempts to Solicit Sex from Canadian Woman


A sexy Russian woman wearing a transparent booty out maxi dress, g-string,bra with back straps and tall heels
A sexy Russian woman wearing a transparent booty out maxi dress, g-string,bra with back straps and tall heels

Russian women are known to be among the most beautiful women in the world, actually they are number one. They represent everything that a beautiful white woman should be – shapely, slim and prominent boobs.This Russian woman is your dream type – steep backside curve, slim waist and firm forward pointing boobs.This is a tight lady gentlemen, while their nemesis, the USA might be where all dreams are possible, what good is it to spend your life looking at fat women, go to Russia now. She is wearing a provocative booty cut-out see-through maxi dress, single string g-string ,a stylish back strapped bra plus high heels that make her look extra tall and elegant.


Uber Driver Attempts to Solicit Sex from Canadian Woman


Toronto – What does a man think when he is alone with a female stranger? A driver for Uber, a popular driver-for-hire app tried to solicit sex from her female passenger when the two of them were alone in the car. The man from Mississauga, in Toronto, Canada went to a night club to pick up late-night clubbers.

Three female passengers, who had just left a night club late at night, happened to get into his Uber-registered car. After dropping off two passengers at their homes, he was supposed to drop the last passenger at her place but it never happened. Instead, he asked the woman to pay for the ride in cash, something which is unusual for Uber users who normally pay via the app.Apparently, he also gave the woman an alternative to pay off, although he didn’t specify what that was.

This instantly raised the red flags, and the woman asked to be dropped off from the car immediately. The driver stopped the car and dropped off the woman, but before he could get back into his car and drive away, he assaulted the woman. Charges of sexual assault have been laid against the driver and he has been arraigned before the courts.

The accused is Osamah Al Mandalawi, a 25-year old man who works as a driver, and also registered with Uber Canada.

The police have confirmed the report, but they have not given any recommendations of the safest alternative for private car hire. It seems that such an incident is the first one in the area involving an Uber driver, but police have received passenger complaints of a similar nature from other transport operators such as cabs and buses. The Police Spokesman says the best way to be safe when travelling in a cab or taxi is not to board the car alone, but come with your friends or people you know. People are less likely to take advantage of a situation or make advances when other people are around, but they look for vulnerable situations when no-one is present or looking.

Uber Canada has cooperated with the Police, and they have the banned the concerned driver from using their app. According to Uber, it’s easy to identify a driver on their app because they require drivers to submit a lot of personally identifiable information when registering with the service. One of the things they ask for, is the car’s license number. Nobody knows how they verify the real name and identity of the driver, but it seems they rely on the car’s license registration to get that info.

One of the councilors in Toronto has put forward a motion to exclude the installation of the Uber application from mobile phones which are provided by the City. He is also looking to provide precautions for using unregistered taxis, to all who use this type of service in daily commuting.

A local taxi operator, Coops Cabs has jumped on the opportunity to promote their services in the wake of this incidence. He says not all cars found waiting at night clubs are Uber registered, and people should not jump into any car thinking that it’s an Uber car. You have to find out first.Uber cars have a logo on their front screen.

SOURCE – Toronto Sun