How To Sell Yourself Online for Money – For Women and Girls Over 18 Years


It can be tough finding a job or for that matter, a job that pays well especially if you didn’t go further with your education. Minimum wage jobs where you work 9 to 5 and overtime with little incentive and no benefits can be so taxing and depressing. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond their control, women have to do the so-called “dirty jobs” to supplement their income or make a full time living. If you are selling yourself every night in that dark corner near Joes Bar or Hilton Hotel, you probably know the risk you are facing on a daily basis. You might be charged for loitering and soliciting in a public area. On a rainy or bad weather day, you might be forced to stay indoors, missing out on potential income. It’s also dangerous for a lady to loiter in the streets at night, because that’s the time when criminals are active.

The disadvantages of selling yourself in the streets are far more than selling yourself online for money. In this regard, you have to quit the old-fashioned way of soliciting clients because we are living in a modern age where there are better channels for meeting people. The internet or rather online platform is the best way to meet clients if you are an escort or prostitute. Not only is it efficient and convenient, but it has the potential to increase your income and release more time for your social life and other important things. If you are just starting out, there are many ways to sell yourself online, you just need to be internet savvy.

4 Ways To Sell Yourself Online

Be a Webcam Model

A webcam model is the equivalent of a club stripper or pole dancer, the only difference is that a club stripper performs in front of a packed audience inside an entertainment venue. Strippers are usually employed by clubs, casino hotels and entertainment companies. They can also be independent and will offer their services for hire for occasions such as birthdays, celebrations and private parties.

A webcam model does not go out performing for people, but she performs in the privacy of her home. All she needs is a computer, webcam, microphone and internet connection. To get started as a webcam model, you have to join a webcam site where visitors can see your profile and interact with you live via the webcam. Clients will visit your chatroom asking to be entertained. Most of these clients will pay you for stripping and performing their requests. Cam sites allow models to charge per minute. The minimum rate is 0.80 USD per minute, which translates to 48 USD per hour, so if you work in front of the camera 5 hours a day, that’s 240 USD a day, which will make you 1200 USD a week, and 4800 USD a month.

The requirements to be a webcam model are pretty simple. You have to be an attractive female, seductive and sexy. Cam agencies recruit women above 18 years of age. As long as you are over 18 years, you will be hired. Being attractive is an advantage because you will be able to attract a lot of clients.

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Be an Escort

If you are a curious and regular internet user, you should have discovered by now what is known as an escort website. An escort website allows clients to book women in a specific city or country. If you are a prostitute working the streets or bars, you have to join an escort site to get targeted clients. Men who visit escort sites have cash, ready to spend money on a one-night stand, fetish or sex fantasy offered by an escort. Escorts do all sorts of services such as strip tease, orgies, threesomes, erotic massage, lap dances, blow jobs and all types of sexual fantasies that only a side chick would give.

There are thousands of men who need to fulfil a sexual desire or fantasy with a particular type of woman. For example, many people think Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are sexy. Given a chance, many guys would accept an offer to have a sexual tryst with a woman like Beyonce. An escort service is the only way to find this opportunity. As long as the client has money, he can book any woman he wants.

After joining an escort site, you will be required to display your pictures, contact number and hourly rate. You can set any price from 40 USD to 150 USD per hour. Depending on the number of clients you are able to meet in a day, you can earn between 1200 USD to 6000 USD per month.

Be a Porn Seller

Porn dominates the internet. This is the biggest market where men are the top consumers and naked women are the main content. As an adult female, you have to take advantage of this opportunity to make money. If working as an escort or webcam model is not your thing, you can join the industry as a porn seller. A porn seller makes content in the form of nude pictures and videos which may include a sex act. For example, you may take pictures in lewd and suggestive poses, record a video of yourself masturbating with a sex toy or having sex with your boyfriend.

You will then upload your content on sex sites such as Customs4U, ExtraLunchMoney, XTube, PornHub and YoungPornVideos. There are many porn sites specializing in different niches, for example Big Boobs, Blowjob, Blonde, Ebony, MILF, BBW, Teen, Handjob, Ass and Amateur.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the porn industry, most porn sites will pay you based on the number of views that your content has generated (Pay per View or PPV). Your earnings are measured in Dollars per 1000 views. For example, if the PPV rate is 0.5 USD per 1000 views, you will earn $25 for 50,000 views. The best way to make money is selling your content (video clips and pictures) on a porn marketplace like ExtraLunchMoney. Here, you will find customers looking for custom videos and pics. Customers are requesting X-rated content and ready to pay from $5 to $40 per video. A typical request will read like this:

“Looking for a blonde to make a video of herself cycling naked” – Payment $20

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Be a Sugar Babe

A sugar babe is a young woman who enters into a relationship with a rich man (who is usually older) for financial benefits. Many sugar babes are college students and young women who are looking for a supportive man to pay their college tuition, monthly bills and other expenses. Sugar babes are also looking for an adventure partner to take them for holidaying, dining and entertainment. In order to sell yourself as a babe, you have to join a sugar-daddy dating site such as HePays, WhatsYourPrice and SeekingArrangement. To get financial benefits, you must be willing to satisfy your man’s fantasies. It’s a 50/50 arrangement.

Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt – PLUS: Prostitute Who Administered Fatal Heroin Overdose on Client Will Serve 1 Year in Jail


Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt
A hot Russian woman in the office giving a peak of her cleavage from her unbuttoned shirt – so sexy

Sexy Russian Woman with Big Boobs Unbuttons Her Shirt

Here is your dream Russian woman looking on her iphone.This pretty and sexy office lady took some time to free herself during a lunch break. Blessed is the boss who hired her, he must be the happiest boss in the world, waking up every morning to greet a beautiful Russian secretary as he makes his way to his office. Which boss wouldn’t resist giving this girl a promotion when he catches her red-handed like this – with an unbuttoned white shirt,grey office suit for ladies and tight bodycon mini skirt. Watching those big boobs is the only thing you need to make your day at the office.


Prostitute Who Administered Fatal Heroin Overdose on Client Will Serve 1 Year in Jail

A 27-year old call girl from California, USA was sentenced to 6 years in prison which is effectively 1 year in jail after 3 were suspended and 2 already served for administering a fatal heroin overdose on a Google Executive who had hired her at his private yacht to provide escort services.

The Google Executive by the name Forrest Hayes, died after being given a heroin shot in his yacht. The lady who is accused of killing Hayes, Alix Tichelman, is a well known prostitute and escort with rich clients paying for her services. She also runs a Facebook Page and Twitter account, where she is gathering support and sympathizers for what she claims “being wrongly jailed”.

On her Twitter account, Alix calls herself the “baddest bitch, artist, hustler, model, writer, stylist and exotic dancer”

An internet search of her name labels her profession as a “prostitute”.

Google is an online advertising network which gets most its revenue from search engine advertisers, and as such Forrest Hayes must have been a highly paid executive, who was spending his money on finer things of life. It is not clear how he got to be poisoned with an overdose of heroin, but there is video evidence which was captured by an internal camera which shows the old man lying helplessly as Alix made her way out of the yacht while holding a glass of wine.

According to recent posts on her Facebook Page, Alix appears not to be devastated but in a positive mood about her jail sentence, which only allows her to serve one year in jail, after 3 of the 6 years are suspended with 2 years already served.

The fatal incidence that caused Alix to be arrested and create a notorious reputation in the media happened in 2013, so she has already done two years in prison, while waiting for a final verdict. Effectively, it’s a one year jail sentence which will see her released in 2016.After stepping out of the yacht and leaving the drugged Hayes to die alone, as in a movie-style scene, she ran away from the police who were trying to get hold of her. She was finally caught after police set up a trap to lure her into accepting a $1,000 cash offer for sex via emails and SMS.

What’s clear is that Alix is a controversial woman. One her Facebook account, a boastful post was seen but later deleted, in which she claims to have killed many people before and having over 200 customers who are in need of her escort services.

Coincidentally, Alix’s boyfriend died under the same circumstances as Hayes two months earlier. Her boyfriend Dean Riopelle died after being administered a heroin shot. Mysteriously, the matter was not investigated.Alix called for emergency soon after her boyfriend collapsed.

Hayes was 51 years old when he died and he had 5 kids.

SOURCE – NY Daily News