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May 13

Sexy Dance Styles from Latin America – Popular Sensual Dances by Latin American Women and Men

Latin America and the South American region produce some of the best sexy dance styles in the world. Here are some of the sexiest dancing styles that you will find in the region, at clubs, parties, carnivals, dance expos and competitions. The Top 10 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Latin America and South America   …

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May 11

Sexy Dance Styles from the Caribbean – Popular Sensual Dances by Caribbean Women and Men

The following is a list of dance styles from the Caribbean and North American Islands, which you may find sexy. Most of these sensual dancing styles are of African origin, and of course in some cases, the dance is an innovation, comprising some Latin influences or just a mix of different elements, borrowed somewhere in …

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May 09

Sexiest Dance Styles from Africa – Popular Sensual Dances by African Women and Men

  A lot of people are familiar with singers/dancers like Nickey Minaj, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, some of whom are popular because of their booty shaking and waist movement skills. When some of these famous booty shakers released their hottest music videos, featuring booty shaking, what you might call twerking, the …

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