Tag: Beach Sex

Jun 10

Sexy Colored American Girl in Tight Crop Top – PLUS: Drunk Woman Drowns After Sex in Car – Vehicle Sinks in River

  A beautiful and cute colored black girl with an attractive smile, gorgeous mouth and lovely curly black/brown streaked afro hair. She is spotting the brightest smile and a clinically white set of teeth that will make you feel good. Her body is shapely and just the perfect type of slim that every guy would …

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Apr 05

21 African Women Strip Naked and Get Their Ass Licked By a Pastor

  The controversial picture has been circulating around the internet since July 2014 and it shows at least 20 naked African women lining up on the beach, and kneeling on the sand with their buttocks sticking out, and a man purported to be a pastor kissing their asses to impart ‘blessings’. It is claimed the …

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