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South African Sexy Girls | When a DJ Meets a College Girl

As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl

As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl

As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl

It was a casual Sunday morning, Noncebo was strolling to the nearest supermarket to buy something for breakfast. As she walked under the cool suburban sun of Cape Town, she was in a fantastic mood, hoping to make up time before getting down to watch her favourite TV show at 9:30 and completing her college assignment. Suddenly a red Golf GTI pulled up from the side, and a playful soprano voice called out “Hi Cape Town girl, I am lost, can you show me the way to the supermarket please?”

Noncebo looked at the car as it pulled to a stop, then at the driver of the car. She didn’t come close to the car but stood far as she pointed in the direction of the supermarket with her finger, “You go straight, turn to the right and you will find the shops, are you not from here?” she said calmly as she studied the guy.

The guy didn’t answer her question, but he asked her “What’s your name; you look like that pretty chick on Facebook?”

“Really, and what is your Facebook name?” Noncebo countered without answering his question.

“But I asked you first”, the guy said.

“You didn’t answer my first question either” Noncebo said.

The guy turned the engine on as if he was about to speed off, then pulled out his Samsung Galaxy S4 touch phone and said “Sorry, I forgot, what’s your phone number, I would like to ask you something later”.

In this circumstance, any girl would not have resisted the offer to hand out their contact number, it was almost a subconscious reaction. Noncebo could not resist this offer either, she never wanted to give out her cellphone number but her feelings told her the opposite, finally she struck a balance, she never wanted to come off as impolite either, so the polite girl in her said “Sorry bhudi, I don’t have a cellphone, but thanks anyway” praying that no-one would call her at that moment and expose her crappy lies. Her phone was on vibrate and the ringing tone was on, she just hoped the guy would drive off at that instant.

“Ok it doesn’t matter, my name is DJ Vanilla Flava, we’ll meet on Facebook” he said as he drove away, leaving Noncebo in gasps.DJ Vanilla drove away in the direction of the shops, while watching the rear-view mirror of his car, the stunning girl he had met on the road was watching him, he was not really going to the shops but just trying to bullshit her. He didn’t want to be seen as just another township jerk that would tell blue lies to get a woman into bed, so he slowly turned around the corner, cruised a few metres and parked in front of Shoprite supermarket. He went inside the shop to buy a bottle of Energade. As he sipped the drink, he peeped outside the door to watch Noncebo who was strutting towards the shops.

As Noncebo approached, DJ Vanilla went to his car and waved at her, Noncebo smiled and waved back. The job was done, he drove away, all the while making sure that Noncebo was watching her.

Noncebo was experiencing all sorts of emotions that a girl would have when they met Justin Bieber or Usher. She felt humbled, proud and happy, she had just met the much-talked about DJ Vanilla. So this was DJ Vanilla, the thoughts ran through her mind, she had never seen him but her friends were always talking about this DJ.She was not a party or club girl, her boring life had finally come to an end – DJ Vanilla oh yeah yippee!!! , she couldn’t contain the excitement.

At night she went on Facebook to search for DJ Vanilla Flava, he was easy to find. The guy was really popular, he had 4350 friends, his status updates had no less than 200 likes, his timeline was full of adoring comments from fans, and a large number of these were girls. She checked the photos and immediately recognized the red Golf GTI; others were pictures of him at social events.

Noncebo sent DJ Vanilla a friend request. The following weekend, she spent the day at the studio for a photo shoot that was organized by DJ Vanilla. As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed.She looked stunning in red panties, neck strapped white bra, short African hairstyle, and a blue bracelet on her left hand.The DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl, but he kept it to himself like a man.


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Beautiful South African girls | A Business Trip, One-Night Stands

when he came back, he found her naked with nothing on but a panty and bra

when he came back, he found her naked with nothing on but a panty and bra

when he came back, he found her naked with nothing on but a panty and bra

So Lindiwe was still fast asleep when her husband woke up early in the morning to catch the morning flight to Mauritius. They were not on talking terms, she thought he was going for one of his secret romance trips with one of his secretaries.

Kelvin packed his dark travelling bag with only a few things that included a dark jacket, Gillette shaver, Old Spice deodorant, a pack of business cards, an ipad in WanderFolio, 4 shirts, pants, mints, toiletries kit, neckties, suit, equil-JOT smart pen and other accessories. He looked at his briefcase, he felt he needed it but he left it anyway.

The flight was scheduled for 8:00 am, he got into his car and drove off to the Cape Town International airport which was just 15 minutes drive from his home. He would leave his car parked at the airport for his wife to come pick it up. As he got off the car, he caught attention of a female figure coming of out a Toyota Yaris about 100 metres away. As he walked off to the reception, he waved at the woman who seemed to smile back. At the check in point, he kept glancing back to find out if the lady was following behind to take the same flight with him.

To his excitement, the lady was taking the flight to Mauritius, she looked at him as he was going out of the door, as if to tell him to wait for him. Kelvin slowed down his stride, he had made up his mind that he was going to talk to her, as she came out of the door, Kelvin smiled “Good morning”. The lady smiled and asked “Hi, are you going to Mauritius?” Kelvin replied “Yes, this is the flight to Mauritius madam. It’s about to leave”.

“This is your seat Sir” The flight attendant led Kelvin to an empty two-seater in the middle of the plane. He took a seat by the window and watched the passengers as they came in. The lady waved at Kelvin as she passed by to occupy her seat at the back. At this moment, Kelvin felt this was going to be the best flight of his business career, unlike the usual, boring and monotonous flights that he was accustomed to. In such cases, he would just sleep and hope to be at the destination when he was awake, but on this occasion, he didn’t feel like sleeping, he felt like an excited tourist visiting a mysterious destination. There was a lot of fantasizing in his mind which kept him awake, and there was no denying the fact that the object of his fantasy was that elegant lady on the plane whose name he still did not know.

They got off the plane at SSR International Airport and chatted in the lobby while they were waiting for a shuttle to their hotel rooms. They had booked the same hotel, and by this time, their careers in the corporate world had drawn them together, her name was Natasha, she was the planning coordinator of a big brand and he was the CEO of a retail startup in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the morning, they were seen sharing a table for breakfast in the hotel dining room. “Okay, let’s meet tonight for dinner” Kelvin said after exchanging business cards with Natasha. “I will come to your room”, Natasha said. At exactly 9:00pm, someone knocked the door on room 24, to his surprise it was Natasha, she was wearing a silky flowing grey dress that emphasized her bottom curves. They sat on opposite sides of the bed watching a wall-mounted HDTV screen in front of them. After a moment of silence, Kelvin excused himself to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, he found her naked with nothing on but a panty and bra.She looked hot in a black-stringed thong with white crotch, black shoulder-strapped bra, a silver belly piercing ring and toe ring on her left foot.They made love, kissed, rolled and sucked….meanwhile Lindiwe was scantily clad in a short night dress, moaning and groaning in bed with Patrick, her reluctant secret lover and workmate.

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Sexy South African Girls | Turned On By Stranger, Saved by Wife

As Mark entered the bedroom, he found Mandisa taking some selfies in front of a mirror with nothing on but a G-string swallowed between her big brown bums



south african lady with big ass barely covered under short skirt

As Mark entered the bedroom, he found Mandisa taking some selfies in front of a mirror with nothing on but a G-string swallowed between her big brown bums

The meeting was scheduled for 10:30 am, Mark the young Architectural Technician from a middle-class suburb of Cape Town got up from his office chair, took his drawings and cellphone,then turned to his collegues to tell them he is going for a meeting, and should be back within 2 hours. Going out of the office was refreshing, a good escape from the monotonousness of the office, he would take a good thirty or so minutes to drive around town before heading for the project meeting.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, his lazy wife Mandisa was still in bed, she had has just woken up, with one pillow behind stashed behind to cushion her back and the other pillow stuck between her thighs. Grabbing a remote control, she turned on the television, right on time to watch her favorite soap opera.

As Mark stopped at the robots to make a turn, he couldn’t help but smile at the gorgeous woman approaching from the sidewalk, her bouncing ass made him think of sex. He wondered why it’s always a turn on to grab some ass during working hours than on weekends or free nights.Ass is nice when you want it, it turns out the wrong time is the best time to have the best sex of your life.

Mark quickly removed the thoughts from his mind as soon as he approached the entrance of the meeting site, the Twilight Centre, a South African local government project. Other cars were already parked, he was twenty minutes earlier, he waved at the desk assistant and quickly got into the board room, greeting other members before taking his seat, which was opposite Mrs. Ntoyanto, the lady chairing the meeting.

No sooner had Mark settled down, did he realize he was confronted by another gorgeous beauty in front of him. Mrs. Ntoyanto was a sexy middle aged professional woman, right from the way she talked to her good choice of dressing which amplified her voluptuous boobs and marvelous ridge. She insisted on being called Cynthia. The purpose of the meeting didn’t matter anymore, Mark was watching those boobs.

Tonight he was going to bang somebody, not the big-ass woman in the street, and certainly not the sexy Cynthia. It’s funny but a lot of men are turned on by women that they will never have a chance to sleep with. The sexual energy is redirected towards their wives, girlfriends and fuck buddies who are there when you need them.

Mark usually leaves the office one or two hours after knock-off time, but on this day, he left at 4:30pm sharp. The thoughts of her lazy wife Mandisa were running inside his head. He was going to dig that lazy ass as soon as he opened the door of his house.

As Mark entered the bedroom, he found Mandisa taking some selfies in front of a mirror with nothing on but a G-string swallowed between her big brown bums.She was wearing a sexy tight black bustier attached to a g-string that was invisible from behind.

She had not prepared some dinner or something to eat. As Mike grabbed her from behind, grinding her ass and fondling her boobs, she asked “Why are you so early today, Are you hungry?”

“Knocked off on time and yes, I am very hungry” he whispered in her ear as he pulled down her G-string and gently slid in his rod.

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South African Girl | When Nicki Minaj Says You Have Perfect Boobs


The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.

Linda Zwayi woke up late in the morning at 10:00, ready to go shopping in the city centre. She was going to take her time, it was a way of distressing, floating away from the troubles of her relationship. It had been a long time, about two weeks now, since they made love. She had been wondering why Chris, her boyfriend, no longer gave her the attention that she needed, as it was in the beginning of their relationship. Was he seeing another woman? Was she not good enough in bed? What does he think about?

All kinds of thoughts ran through Linda’s mind while she was bathing. As she left her house, walking leisurely towards the main road to catch a taxi, she couldn’t help but look hard at any woman who walked by in the vicinity, she was unconsciously comparing herself to these strangers, every now and then, she would check a woman’s ass and boobs, and conclude that it was either much better or worse than mine.

She waved down a taxi which was almost full, with space only for one more passenger in the back seat. She jumped in, and sat next to a middle-aged man who eyed her chest as she got in. Greetings were exchanged but the man kept glancing at her boobs, while trying to strike up a conversation.

Linda dropped off in the city centre, then made her way to Edgars Stores in the shopping complex. While she was busy checking out outfits, she noticed a Nicki Minaj look-alike, the only difference was that she was in South Africa, not Hollywood, also she didn’t seem to have bodyguards around her or the paparazzi running after her with snapshots.

As Linda watched the Nicki Minaj look-alike, she thought the woman had a perfect body to die for, big boobs and big ass, the type of body that she envied, which would make other women jealous. Maybe Chris would never ignore her if she had this type of body. The Nicki Minaj look-alike moved closer to Linda, and said “Hie madam, you look beautiful, are you looking for a pair of bras?” Linda was overwhelmed and at the same time humbled, she didn’t expect this beautiful woman to compliment her. This woman who is obviously more beautiful than me just called me “beautiful”, she thought. Before Linda could answer back, the Nicki Minaj look-alike shot back “I wish I had perfect boobs like you”. Is that true, Linda thought, all she could manage to say was “Thank you, I appreciate that”.

Chris was at work, talking about his boring relationship and how her wife was throwing moods over the past two weeks. He had been spending much time outside the home, hanging out with friends, watching soccer at the bar and flirting with new friends. This was the daily routine, he would come home at 8:00 pm at night, ready to fall asleep.

Chris got home and opened the gate with his remote, he parked the car in the garage, but instead of heading straight for the front door, he decided to go around the house. He didn’t know why but as he went around the house, something caught his attention. The bedroom lights were on, and her wife was playing with her boobs in front of the mirror.She was wearing big round earrings,simple but elegant.The hand that covered her breasts spotted a silver ring.There was transparent lipstick on her juicy lips, well-oiled and ready for pleasurable sucking.

He watched closely as her topless wife talked to the mirror. She was in love with her…..boobs, there was confidence in her face.

Chris quietly sneaked to towards the back door without making a sound, he slowly opened the bedroom door and stepped towards his wife who had his back on him. He put his arms around her, kissed her neck and shoulders while groping her boobs….

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