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Curvy Black American Girl with Smoking Hot Body in Bikini – PLUS: Finally Meet at The Post Office


Black girl with hot smoking body in bikini

Black girl with hot smoking body in bikini

A beautiful curvy  black girl at a tropical beach with a shapely figure, leans against a palm tree in a sexy posture. She is wearing a green beach bikini and bra. You definitely can’t ignore her  well tanned / toned thighs, sexy slim waist and big well-shaped butt.

David and Pamela Finally Meet at The Post Office -2

David quickly put his house in order, swept away the mess on the floor and made up his bed. He casually walked to the shops with a feeling of excitement and adventure on his mind. The shops were just 15 minutes away. As he approached the shops, he turned around the petrol service station and walked slowly towards the Post Office.

At this point, he knew that Pamela might be watching him, so he went straight to the Post Office without looking sideways like somebody who ain’t looking for someone. He came out of the shops and sent a text message to Pamela, who was sitting just a few meters away from Post Office at the parking bay shade. He calmly stood outside, like somebody who is taking a break. He pulled out his phone and called, waiting for a text message was ridiculous:

“I can’t see you, where are you sitting?” he asked.

“I am at the shade, sitting with my neighbor” Pamela said

“Ok I can see you now” David said as he looked towards the parking bay.


David spotted a lady sitting under the shade, and started walking towards her. He didn’t stare at the lady as he approached her. He greeted her and stood there while they were chatting. A parking bay assistant who was chatting to Pamela asked David for a $10 to get a taxi. David dug into his pocket and pulled a $200 note as Pamela was watching. She came closer to David and whispered in her ear “Don’t give him anything”.

David ignored Pamela, as he gave the man some $1 dollar coins, “Sorry man, that’s all I got, I don’t have change.” Pamela was sitting on the bench, she was wearing some fishnet leggings. As they excitedly exchanged words, a man in a taxi was stealing a glance at Pamela. David knew what the man was thinking, he felt a little bit uncomfortable with all the attention that was directed at them, but he quickly waved away the feeling ,and putting on an I-Don’t-Care attitude. So what if I am seen walking with a lady wearing fishnets? How do you know, maybe I am just her brother or cousin, he quietly reasoned. Unlike the poor taxi driver who obviously had dirty thoughts running through his mind, David never stared at Pamela, they sat there like old friends.


They chatted for a long time, until Pamela asked David to sit down.

“Are you not feeling tired, please sit down” Pamela said.

“Oh thanks, I was really feeling tired but it’s getting late and too cold to sit down here” David said.

“Can we please go to your place then, where do you stay?” Pamela asked.

“Hmmm I stay just close by, just across the shops” David said as they started walking home. He had been standing there for more than an hour, and his legs were feeling cranky. They slowly walked along the main road as tourists headed for Joes Beerhouse passed them by.



May 13

Sexy Dance Styles from Latin America – Popular Sensual Dances by Latin American Women and Men

Latin America and the South American region produce some of the best sexy dance styles in the world. Here are some of the sexiest dancing styles that you will find in the region, at clubs, parties, carnivals, dance expos and competitions.

The Top 10 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Latin America and South America


Argentine Tango - Street Performers

Argentine Tango – Street Performers

Tango [Argentina, Uruguay]

The Tango dance is a romantic and erotic dance for pairs. It is safe to say this graceful dance is a product from Argentina and Uruguay, although the two sides stake their claim to its origin. Like many sensual dances in Latin America, this dance has some African influences mixed with European culture. This is a very old dance style dating back to the 1890s,and as a result, it has had many years to grow and spread all over the world, especially in Europe and USA.There are about 14 styles of Tango that you can dance to, with a latest style called Tango Nuevo that is favored by young people. You will enjoy the Contact Tango that may involve hip to hip brushing or the waist grip that brings your chest closer to your partner’s chest as in passionate kissing. As many guys know, the exciting part of dancing the tango is when his body brushes against the woman’s breasts and thighs, creating a sensual feeling that draws him closer to the woman. Still there is the modest type that allows an embrace at arm’s length without contact of the erogenous zones.


Samba Girls in Brazil

Samba Girls in Brazil

Samba [Brazil]

If you have ever been to a Carnival event like Rio, then you will know about the Samba dance that is performed by those gorgeous girls wearing elegant costumes. Samba girls are good looking and sexy, they are the equivalent of the cheerleaders that you would find at an NBA or American Football sporting event. World Cup soccer matches hosted in Brazil are also known to be paraded by Samba girls. It’s nice to watch the attire of these girls and the way they dance from the sidelines.


Zouk Dance - Brazil

Zouk Dance – Brazil

Zouk [Brazil]

Zouk is an intimate dance for couples. This sexy dance evolved from Lambada, the well known Brazilian dance known as the forbidden dance. There are currently 7 styles of Zouk that have been developed worldwide, which is a testament of its larger following throughout the world. In Brazil, there is the original Zouk which is a slower dance suitable for sensual movements of the body. There is heavy body to body contact as well as hip motion. The faster dance is known as LambadaZouk and in this case, the dancer dips her back, whips her hair and moves her head in sequences known as camber, chicote and cabeca. Slower Zouk is similar to Kizomba, a sexy dance from Angola.Zouk is a sensational dance that will drive you to the world of erotic fantasy.

Lambada - Brazil

Lambada – Brazil

Lambada / Carimbo [Brazil]

The Lambada dance is mainly derived from Carimbo, a popular sensual Brazilian dance that came to be known as the ‘forbidden dance’ or dirty dancing. The dance also adopts some strong influences from Maxixe and Forro dance styles.

Lambada is suitable for partners. It is an extremely hot and steamy dance that involves a lot of hip movements, sideway moves, a lot of turning and most of the time, the dancer has to bend their legs and spin. A woman dancing to lambada has to wear a very short skirt which swirls around as she spins to the music, making the scene a very revealing and sexy affair.

Movies inspired by the Lambada dance were produced in 1990, one of them called The Forbidden Dance, which further popularized the name that been tagged to the dance for its power to arouse lust.

Salsa Dance Champions - Adrian and Anita

Salsa Dance Champions – Adrian and Anita

Salsa [Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic]

Salsa is a type of dance for partners that originated in Cuba, a development from a mix of European dance and Afro-Cuban Rumba. The dance is closely related to Mambo. As the marriage between African Rumba and Euro dance emerged in Cuba, the same was happening in other Caribbean and Latin American countries like Puerto Rico, Colombia and Dominican Republic. When the early Mexican film industry was at its peak, Salsa originators moved to that country and a while later, they moved to New York with their dance culture.

Before the dance was brought to New York, the word “Salsa” never existed, it was coined by New Yorkers to refer to a wide range of Caribbean/Latin dance styles. As a result, you will find different types of Salsa dance which usually refer to the variation from that location or country. Salsa is a popular romantic dance style with international appeal. World Championships are held each year to select the best Salsa dancing pair.

Forro Dance - Brazil

Forro Dance – Brazil

Forro [Brazil]

Forro dance is a popular dance in Brazil from the North East that is associated with live parties, pubs and just having fun. It’s a sexy dance for partners that may involve a close or open embrace, with a lot of hip brushing, skip steps and occasionally spinning your partner. If you are in a happy mood, then forro is the right dance to get to the dance floor with your partner. When the band is playing the music, everybody on the dance floor is in a party mood, chanting to the beats and lyrics. There are approximately 13 styles of forro which have been developed across Brazil and Forrofieira is the latest style that is rocking Rio de Janeiro. Along with Samba, Forro is one of the most popular Brazilian dances which have made their way out of Brazil, especially in Europe and the UK.

Samba de Gafieira Dance - Brazil

Samba de Gafieira Dance – Brazil

Samba de Gafieira [Brazil]

The modern Samba de Gafieira dance is a night club erotic dance style for couples that evolved from Samba and the notorious Maxixe dirty dancing style, a popular urban dance of the 1920s that took over Rio de Janeiro.Maxixe was heavily inspired by the African Lundu dance fused with Polka. Today’s Samba de Gafieira incorporates some dance moves from Tango, which might be an effort to completely differentiate it from the confusion that surrounds itself with Ballroom Samba.

Baile Funk - Brazil

Baile Funk – Brazil

Baile Funk [Brazil]

Baile Funk is Brazil’s booty dance which is performed by women on guys. This sexually explicit dance involves a woman bending over with booty in the guy’s face or riding over the guy while he is sitting or lying on the dance floor. The rubbing sensation of the girl’s booty and thighs against the body is what most guys would never refuse. It’s like a dream come true. After watching a few videos, you will realize that Baile Funk is actually Daggering, an erotic Jamaican dancehall style that has taken the UK and Caribbean clubs by storm.

Cumbia Dance - Colombia

Cumbia Dance – Colombia

Cumbia [Colombia, Panama]

Cumbia is a nice dance that involves pairs of the opposite sex.The dance was imported by African slaves in Colombia and Panama. The original dance was used by Africans as a ritual to court partners. Men and women would mix and dance, with a female leading a male behind her. The modern dance has undergone an evolution, with influences from Native American Indian culture. Other places where the dance is popular include Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize.

Festejo Dance - Peru

Festejo Dance – Peru

Festejo [Peru]

Festejo is a sensual Afro-Peruvian dance that is danced to the beat of a drum (cajon). Pairs or groups of the opposite sex can dance to the rhythm in a social setting or festive occasion. Just like African Baikoko and Arab Malaya dances, solo dancers can also perform the Festejo, and in most cases these are female dancers.Festejo is full of suggestive and teasing body movements that are posed by dancers as they release their inner urges in party mood. The dance has made inroads worldwide in countries like the UK and United States.

Joropo Dance - Venezuela

Joropo Dance – Venezuela

Joropo [Venezuela, Colombia]

The Joropo dance is a traditional dance of Venezuela that is also widely performed in Colombia. Like most Latin American dances, it has some African roots mixed with European styles. In this case, Joropo incorporates the waltz and the flamenco dance. Dancing the Joropo with your partner is fun and exciting jolly mood occasion. Most of the routine is an open embrace and arms length touching while swinging your legs.


May 11

Sexy Dance Styles from the Caribbean – Popular Sensual Dances by Caribbean Women and Men

Daggering - Jamaica's Dance Craze

Daggering – Jamaica’s Dance Craze

The following is a list of dance styles from the Caribbean and North American Islands, which you may find sexy. Most of these sensual dancing styles are of African origin, and of course in some cases, the dance is an innovation, comprising some Latin influences or just a mix of different elements, borrowed somewhere in the global village. Just like languages, dance and music is something that keeps evolving, as people of different cultures mix up through travel, social mingling,inter-racial marriages and above all, there is no doubt that the modern media (TV,internet,radio, magazines etc) plays a huge role in exporting and importing cultural influences from different countries.


The Top 7 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Caribbean and North American Islands




Bachata [Dominican Republic]

The Bachata dance originates from the Dominican Republic, it is a sensual dance that is nice to dance with your loved one. Taps, side to side moves and slow swaying of the hips are features of this dance. You would want to dance to bachata music if you want to release your love emotions and interact with your partner. The dance has spread all over the world, and it has influenced new styles like Bachatango which is popular in South America. This style is simply a mix of Bachata and Tango, an erotic dance developed by the Uruguayans. If you are feeling romantic, then you should definitely get to the dance floor with bachata and get entangled with your loved one.



Merengue [Dominican Republic]

The modern meringue dance style is a steamy dance that involves couples. If you are feeling close to your partner, you can tune up the sexy knob by dancing to meringue. The dance involves a close embrace, rhythmic swaying of hips of both partners and a tease that involves breaking the chest to chest touch. It’s a delight to watch couples moving their hips, turning, twisting and getting back to the body-to-body groove. You have to realize that the original meringue during the slave days was not as sexy as the modern version because it was just a circle dance which didn’t involve a close embrace or hip gyrations. Today’s meringue is sexy and good for social fun.



Punta [Belize, Dominica, St Vincent, Honduras]

The Punta dance is what you would call vigorous twerking, shaking your booty and hips to some music or drums. This style is similar to other traditional booty shaking dances from Africa, such as the Baikoko and Malaya Arab dance. If you want to see a girl “losing it” and showing you what she can do with her body, then you should definitely watch a Punta girl, she will make you dizzy, and you will either love her or hate her if you are a hypocrite. This dance is found in many Caribbean and North American countries like Dominica, Belize and Honduras.

Kompa / Konpa

Kompa / Konpa

Konpa / Kompa / Compas [Haiti]

The Kompa dance also known as Konpa or Compas, is a sexy dance that originates in Haiti. The modern dance is a sensual dance that incorporates the meringue. It identifies with kizomba and zouk, all of which are steamy dance styles suitable for parties and ballrooms. The partners dance while making a tight embrace, interlocking hips frequently and gazing at each other in a sexually tempting way, the dance is just lovely, it simply asks more of the partner, they just can’t stop giving and taking. This is a satisfying dance for expressive and passionate lovers who are smitten with each other.



Daggering [Jamaica]

The Daggering dance is the latest craze that is rocking Jamaica. Featuring dancehall music in Jamaican clubs and parties, the dance involves a female and male dancer playing roles in a sexually explicit scene. Basically, it’s like mimicking a sex position. The most common position is when the male does the dance behind a bending female. The dance attracted a lot of attention, it has been mentioned by TMZ and daggering performances are now common in UK clubs and South America.



Bomba [Puerto Rico]

When a woman does the Bomba dance, she often shakes her body and swishes her skirt in a delightful way that leaves you smitten with ecstasy. The dancer has to follow the rhythm of the drummer and dance at the appropriate pace. When a sensual rhythm is being played, she will shake her booty and hips in a manner that resembles vigorous twerking.It’s similar to the Punta dance. The dancer doesn’t always follow the drummer’s rhythm, but the drummer has to follow the dancer’s moves as well to maintain harmony.



Soca [Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas]

Soca dance is a hot hip rolling dance from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s not a hard dance to master for those who like hip dances. The position of a soca dancer starts with putting your hands on your hips with both feet part, while you are slightly bending your knees. Dance in a vertical circular motion, with your butt sticking out and rolling your hips in a clockwise direction. The dance has become very popular in dancehall clubs in the Caribbean.


May 09

Sexiest Dance Styles from Africa – Popular Sensual Dances by African Women and Men


Mozambique - Massinguitane Dance

Mozambique – Massinguitane Dance

A lot of people are familiar with singers/dancers like Nickey Minaj, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, some of whom are popular because of their booty shaking and waist movement skills. When some of these famous booty shakers released their hottest music videos, featuring booty shaking, what you might call twerking, the media would portray their trending videos as the newest dance style on the block, giving the impression that the dance style never existed before the artist’s debut.

Every time a good-looking dancing diva from the US comes with a new dance style, which in most cases is a knock off from a lesser known individual or country, she is always credited with “inventing” a new dance. But do you know that most of the sexiest dance styles are originally African and they have been practiced for many generations by lesser known countries and tribes in Africa? If you thought Miley Cyrus’ lewd stage acts are anything to go by, then you have never travelled the world. If you thought Nickey Minaj does the best booty shake, then you have never seen the original booty shake. The Goddesses of waist and loin movement reside in Africa.

Here are some of the original sexy dance styles from Africa, some of which have been widely adopted or in the process of being adapted [“stolen”] by westerners he heJ. It’s not a joke, but dance schools for African and Asian dance are sprouting everywhere in Europe and USA. Anyway it’s good to share culture as long as proper credit is given. Without wasting time, let’s take a journey into the top sensual African dances of all time.


The Top 6 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Africa

Kizomba Dance

Kizomba Dance


Kizomba [From Angola]

Kizomba is an original and sexy dance style from Angola, a coastal country in Southern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean shore. They say Kizomba is a dance style that was developed by young Angolans from Zouk and Semba dance styles in the 1980s. Judging by its wide adoption, sensual belly touching and bottom gyration moves, you can’t help but admire this stimulating dance which is highly desirable for couples and partners. There is no doubt that this is the most sensual dance style, which will always come top in Africa and the world. From the look of things, this is not a casual dance that can be mastered overnight unless you are a confident and flexible dancer who likes to flaunt their thing, definitely not a dance for the shy. If you can’t dance Kizomba, then you will definitely enjoy watching, it’s simply sexy, juicy and marvelous.

Tarraxinha Dance

Tarraxinha Dance


Tarraxinha [Angola]

Angola also takes claim to the second sexiest dance style in Africa, which is called Terraxinha.Terraxinha is the latest dance developed and loved by young Angolans. It’s a variation of Kizomba, and as usual, the creative Angolans don’t disappoint when it comes to creating an artistic and sensual dance. If you like Kizomba, then you will also like Terraxinha.It’s simply lovely and desirable, a sexy dance for partners on the dance floor.

Egyptian Belly Dance

Egyptian Belly Dance


Egyptian Belly Dance

Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, which also happens to be one of the earliest human civilizations, also happens to be an African country which came with the most graceful and sexy dance in the history of the world. The Egyptian belly dance is a sensual dance that is usually performed by single female dancers or a group of female dancers. There is a reason why ancient Kings and Pharaohs always told their servants to bring belly dancers to entertain them in the court when they were bored. Belly dancers are simply beautiful to watch. There is nothing as stimulating and desirable than watching a belly dancer.

Kwasa Kwasa Dance

Kwasa Kwasa Dance


Soukous / Kwasa Kwasa /Ndombolo [DRC Congo]

Soukous is a waist shaking dance from the DRC [Congo], which has consecutively transformed into Kwasa Kwasa over the years, and currently the Ndombolo version. This highly suggestive dance is very hot when it’s done by women. Because of its sensual and sex appeal, the dance gained a lot of fans, making it extremely popular. In the 1970s, the dance spread to many African countries and eventually gained ground in Europe in the 80s, especially France and the UK.Another factor which contributed to the immense popularity of Kwasa Kwasa was the attempt by hypocrites to ban the dance in four African countries, including the DRC where it originated.Kwasa Kwasa dance videos were censured in the DRC in 2005, but they are played in other countries, where fans and TV broadcasters love the dance. The ecstatic feeling that this dance leaves you with cannot be denied. It’s simply fantastic.




Baikoko [Tanzania and Kenya]

Baikoko is the Tanzanian and Kenyan name for a sexually suggestive dance that is traditionally done by women. The original and hottest baikoko involves women lining up to dance while an audience watches. The dance involves a sensual rolling of hips and “cutting the waist”, it is especially a breath taking scene to watch a woman do the baikoko while lying face down on the floor. You can’t help but admire the sexy moves, especially if the woman is curvy. A woman has to be skilled, self expressive, agile and flexible to pull this sensuous act.

A dance like baikoko and its variations is known by different names in many African countries. One thing you have to understand is that this dance which is called “twerking” in the USA and social media, is originally African. While the modern dance has been adopted for entertainment and social purposes, the original dance was just a mere ceremonial act, with no suggestive intent. Modernized people who are exposed to daily salacious movies, videos and commercials may think it’s suggestive, but to the traditional African or Arab man, it’s simply a ceremony. For example, in Congo, women of the Luba tribe do the Mutuashi dance (which resembles Baikoko) to pay homage to chiefs or as a celebration.

Baikoko Dance - Suriname

Baikoko Dance – Suriname

Sensual Dances in Africa which Resemble Baikoko:

  • Kidogoro – Tanzania
  • Mutuashi / Mutwashi – DRC, Angola, Zambia
  • Mapouka – Cote de Ivoire
  • Massinguitane – Mozambique
  • Sabar / Leumbeul – Senegal
  • Funana – Cape Verde
  • Chakacha / Kata Kiuno / Viuno – Swahili dance
  • Niiko – Somali
  • Kawitry – Malagasy
  • Afro-Arab Malaya dance
  • Punta – By African tribe called Garifuna in South America
  • Chaabi Chickat – Morocco


Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati

Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati


Swazi Reed Dance / Lutsango Dance [Swaziland]

The Swazi reed dance also known as Lutsango dance is included here not because there is something skillful about the dance, but because it’s a beautiful cultural dance displayed by a people who have kept their tradition to this day.While other cultures are melting away and reducing the world’s diversity pool, the Swazis are proud to keep theirs. Can you imagine if everybody dressed and acted like Americans, it would be very boring indeed. That’s why we need diversity.

Another reason why the Swazi ceremonial dance has been included is the unique dancing attire, which a lot of pop/hip hop divas would want to copy, but they can’t because their culture doesn’t have the same freedom as the Swazis. Let’s be honest, a lot of hot female singers like Rihanna,Nickey Minaj and Miley Cyrus secretly wish to go topless and bare their breasts on stage, but they are afraid of the backlash and censure it would cause. Remember the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? Ha ha sorry you may be millionaires but you don’t have the privilege to go topless, it’s only for the Swazis.


Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance

Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance

May 07

Carnival Celebrations in The Caribbean, North America and South America – Annual Events

Brazil Samba Girl - Facebook Picture By

Brazil Samba Girl – Facebook Picture By

Carnivals in the Caribbean region, North and South America are the most popular and largest in the world. If you want to experience a carnival of your life or the mother of all carnivals, then pack your bags, book a hotel and get a flight ticket to South America, destination Brazil or take a vacation in The Caribbean, destination Trinidad and Tobago. The carnivals in these regions will give you a taste of what a true and authentic carnival looks like. The people there are so enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to festival celebrations. It’s an occasion to celebrate, dance, listen to music and party. All of this will be going on in the streets. Brazil has even built a sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a safe place for revelers, dedicated to hosting samba events and performances. After all, who in the world can resist the charm of Samba girls dressed in sexy costumes?

A lot of world famous carnivals are concentrated in the Americas, the following is a list of cultural carnival events in the Caribbean, South America and North America:


North America and the Caribbean



Aruba Carnaval – Costume extravaganza, street parties, parades and crowning of carnival queen. Date: January/February. The 2015 event is from 27 January to 17 February. Starts the night before Lent.


Antigua Carnival – Date: 31 July to the first week of August on a Tuesday.

Barbuda Carnival – The other name for this extravaganza is Caribana. Date: May/June


San Pedro Fiesta de Carnaval – A three day event that lasts a week, featuring street dancers, revelers painting each other, flour throwing, and mobile bands. Date: February. It begins 3 days before Ash Wednesday. The Town Council of San Pedro participates in the organization of the event. The event will run from 7 Feb to 18 Feb in 2015.


Roseau Carnival – A major carnival in the city of Roseau in Dominica. Date: February. The celebrations are held for two days on a Monday and Tuesday. The 2015 event is scheduled for 16 and 17 February.

Dominican Republic

La Vega Carnival – A big carnival featuring costumed revelers and music. Date: February. During February, parades in different cities are held every week on a Sunday.

San Pedro de Macoris Carnival – A well known parade of grand scale, with groups of street dancers and revelers. Date: February


Port-au-Prince Carnival – A significantly large carnival in the region, the local people call it Kanaval. Date: The preliminary celebrations take off in January and the largest celebrations begin in February. Ash Wednesday is the final day of celebrations. In 2015, the main event takes place from 15 to 17 February.

Jacmel Kanaval – Date: Jan/Feb

Aux Cayes Kanaval – Date: Jan/Feb


Bacchanal – Bacchanal describes the main Jamaican carnival held in cities around the country, mainly Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Date: The carnival takes place during Easter every year.

 Puerto Rico

Carnaval de Loiza – revelers with masks dance in the streets. Date: July

Carnaval de Ponce – It’s a very old festival that has been held for over 200 years. Date: Celebrated in the city of Ponce, this is the main party in the country that starts 8 days before Ash Wednesday. Ponce Carnaval 2015 was held between 11 and 17 Feb and it happened to be the 157th event since its inception.


Trinidad and Tobago


Port of Spain Carnival – One of the biggest and famous celebrations in the world, which has been celebrated for over 160 years, the event is filled with contests, costumed dancers, music and partying. The Carnival King and Queen are chosen, prizes are given for the best costumes. Date: The 2016 event is planned for 8 to 9 February. The 2015 event was held on 16 and 17 February. You should note that these are the two days of the main celebrations, otherwise a lot of festival parties and events take place several months in advance of the two days of celebrations before Ash Wednesday.



Mazatenango Carnival – In this city, people engage in feasting, food is plentful, music and games are played. Date: February / the feast lasts 8 days.



La Ceiba Carnival – This city in Central America boasts the largest festival in the region. Date: May. The event is held on the fourth Saturday of the month of May.


Carnival of Bluefields – The Palo de Mayo Carnival is celebrated in this region along the Caribbean coast, and it takes a full month. Date: The whole month of May comes alive with dancing groups, parades and marches. Each day is a party, until a climax is reached towards the month end.

Carnival of Managua – Streets are lined with spectators while dance groups perform. Unlike Bluefields, the celebration here is very short, lasting only 2 days. Date: The 2015 event takes place on 24 March.



Mazatlan Carnival – Residents celebrate for six days. One of the four biggest carnivals in Mexico, which has been hosted since 1898. Date: The 115th carnival [2013] took place between 7 and 14 February.

Carnival of Veracruz – The location has one of the biggest stadiums which hosts performances during festivities. The city is flooded with visitors each year prior to the carnival, who spill out into the streets during the celebrations. This lavish event provides visitors with 7 days of fun and extravaganza. Date: Celebrated 7 days in advance before Ash Wednesday.

Planned Events for Veracruz:

The 2015 event is planned for 11 to 17 February

The 2016 event is planned for 3 to 9 February

The 2017 event is planned for 22 to 28 February

The 2018 event is planned for 7 to 13 February



Las Tablas Carnaval – this small but magnificent town hosts an annual event called Desfile de las Mil Polleras that features beautiful women parading in traditional costumes. Date: Desfile de las Mil Polleras occurs in January. The main carnival in town is a 3 day event that ends on a Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The 2015 event is planned for 14 to 17 February. The 2016 event is scheduled for 6 to 9 February.

Carnival in Panama City – A 4 day festive celebration that takes place in the capital city of Panama, featuring day partying, drinking, dancing, parades and late night reveling. Date: Celebrations start just before Ash Wednesday on a Friday. Sunday features the pollera parade of Panamanian women in traditional attire.Apparently, the biggest celebrations of them all is on a Tuesday, Monday is relaxed and low-key, while Wednesday marks the end with a symbolical “burial” at the beach. The month of celebrations is February where Shrove Tuesday usually occurs. Carnival Tuesday also known as Shrove Tuesday falls on 17 February in 2015 and on 9 February in 2016.

The planned dates:

Feb 14 to 17 for 2015

Feb 6 to 9 for 2016

Feb 23 to 26 for 2017

Feb 10 to 13 for 2018

March 2 to 5 for 2019

Feb 22 to 25 for 2020



Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival – The country will be holding its first carnival to get in line with other Caribbean countries. Date: May. The first ever carnival celebration will take place from 7 to 9 May, 2015



Toronto Caribana – This is the most popular carnival in Canada that is celebrated in Toronto, with over a million people attending the festivities. The parade has Caribbean roots and it offers 3 weeks of fun to celebrate and enjoy the Caribbean culture. Date: July/August. The 2015 event is scheduled for 7 July, culminating in 2 August.


United States


New Orleans Mardi Gras – The most popular carnival event in the USA, which is celebrated in New Orleans. Date: Mardi Gras 2016 is scheduled for 9 February. Visitors who want to see the biggest parades are advised to be in the city before the 5th of February.Mardi Gras 2015 falls on 17 February. The traditional celebrations start a fortnight earlier before Mardi Gras, so the 2015 event will start on 31 January.


South America



Gualeguaychu Carnival – Samba dance festival. Date: January/February. The 2015 event takes place on 10 January to 28 February. The event is held on Saturdays throughout the period.

Corrientes Carnival – Samba dance festivity. The city is known as the capital of carnival. Date: January/February.



Oruro Carnival – A 10 day festivity also known as the La Diablada Carnival which means “Dance of the Devils” features a 4 km procession filled with dance and music. Date: February. The entrada takes place on a Saturday just before Ash Wednesday



Sao Paulo Carnival – A samba dance extravaganza which takes place at Anhembi sambadrome, streets are filled with parties, carnival balls take place in clubs and bars. Date: February. The 2016 sambadrome gathering will take place on 13 February on a Friday. There are two main events taking place on Friday and Saturday.

Salvador Carnival – [Bahian Carnival] – A very big 6-day street party attracting over 2 million participants, featuring big parades in the Barra/Ondina and Campo Grande/Avenida. People dance in the streets or watch from the sides. Dates: February. The 2016 street party will take place on 4 to 10 February.

Rio Carnival – If you were to invite aliens for a carnival on planet Earth, then you would invite them to Rio. This is the most popular cultural extravaganza, the biggest in the world which runs for 5 days.Rio de Janeiro is the world’s capital of street samba and carnival. Over 500,000 visitors from other countries make their way to Rio each year to join the millions of locals who revel in their cultural celebration. Date: February. The 2016 event is planned for 5 to 10 February. Friday is always the starting day, which opens the official celebrations.

Note – Brazil holds hundreds of carnivals in almost every town and region,



Pasto Carnival – [Blacks and Whites Carnival] Different races gather to celebrate, dressed in masks and painting each other with black and white paint. It’s a 2-day event with historical roots dating back to the slave days, when slaves were allowed to party by their masters. The first day is called the El Dia de los Negros (Day of the Blacks); the second day is called El Dia de los Blancos (Day of the Whites).Dates: January. The 2015 festive event starts on 28 December 2014 and ends on 7 January 2015.However, the official days are 5 and 6 January.

Cartagena Carnival – Over a million revelers gather in the port of Cartagena to dance, party and just have fun. A beauty pageant is also held during the event to select Miss Colombia. It’s purely an independence celebration with lots of fireworks and parades. Date: November. Celebrations start on 13 November, Independence Day and end on 17 November when Miss Colombia is crowned.

Bogota Carnival – This is a 2-day event to celebrate the founding of the Hispanic nation. Simon Bolivar Park is usually the venue for celebrations but people also take to the streets to enjoy performances by local artists and dance troupes. Dates: Celebrations are held on 5 and 6 August every year.

Popayan Carnival – This religious town holds the Semana Santa procession to commemorate Easter. Date: Easter



Guaranda Carnival – Offers 14 days of street celebrations and parties where revelers drink chichi, and traditionally brewed liquor. The celebrations begin with the Taita carnaval, the official opening which gives way to long public celebrations. Date: February

Ambato Carnival – Also known as el carnaval de Ambato in Spanish, this is a 4 day festival that includes dances, parades, folklore, music and exhibitions. It’s the most colorful celebration in the country that is preferred by travelers. According to reports, the carnival is held to commemorate the fatal 1949 earthquake that destroyed the town and killed approximately 6,000 residents. Date: February/March


French Guiana

Cayenne Carnival – A very big carnival where people gather to dance to exotic music and revel in costumes. Date: Starts early January up to February. The parades and parties are held every Sunday throughout the festival season.

Kourou Carnival – A cultural festival of dance and partying that features a diverse groups from different countries in South America as well as France. People gather to watch parades, drum beats and street performances. Streets are colorful, everyone is partying, glitter is thrown around and dancers are in gear. Date: January/February


Cajamarca Carnival – The city hosts a unique and most popular cultural event in the country. People engage in traditional dance and tree cutting contest which is used to chose a governor for the coming year. Date: The date is flexible. The 2014 event was held on March 1 to 5.

Other places to enjoy carnival in Peru are Iquitos, Puno and Huaraz.


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May 04

Carnival Celebrations in Africa, Asia and Europe – Annual Events


Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival - Facebook Picture By

Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival – Facebook Picture By

The following is a list of cultural carnival events that are held by different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Carnivals are festive seasons involving street parties and parades. They are characterized by cultural dances, elaborate costumes, music, revelry and simply having fun. It’s an occasion to go out in the streets and join thousands of fellow residents and tourists taking part in the annual extravaganza. It is also an opportunity to watch beautiful and sexy women in festival attire. Carnivals are the reason why Brazilian Samba women are admired and well known as the most beautiful women in the world. Above all, the event promotes diversity, giving you a broad perspective of the world. It offers a chance to learn about other cultures and explore beautiful traditions that you could never have seen in your life if you didn’t attend the event.


Africa Carnivals

Cape Verde

Festivals in Sao Vicente

  • Sao Vicente Carnival – Date [mid-February] An exotic carnival that begins around the middle of February, 40 days before the beginning of Easter. Largest celebrations are held in Mindelo,the street party starts at 9:00am
  • Sao Vicente Baia Das Gatas Festival – Date [August full moon] A cultural and musical festival that is held on a full moon in August, over a long weekend

Festivals in Boa Vista

  • Boa Vista Day of Santa Isabel Festival – Date [4 July] Municipality Day

Festivals in Sal

  • Nossa Sra De Piedade – Date 15 August
  • Santa Maria Festival – Date 11 to 12 September

Festivals in Santiago

  • Gamboa Festival – Date 17 to 19 May
  • Tabanka – Date June and July

Cape Verde dance and music includes The Morna, The Batuko and The Funana


Victoria Carnival

  • Known as the Carnaval International de Victoria, a 3 day carnival from 24 to 26 April.


Harare Festivals

  • Zimbabwe International Carnival also known as the Harare International Carnival [HIC] takes place from 16-25 May, but the 2015 event date has been moved to September due an International Tourism Expo that will take place in June. The scheduled date is 12 to 19 September.

Victoria Falls Festivals

  • Victoria Falls Carnival – Date 29-31 December



South Africa

Cape Town Carnival – A non-profit carnival held in the middle of March – 14 March



  • Calabar Carnival – lasts a full month from 1 December to 31 December. Launched by Cross River State governor in 2004 to promote Nigerian tourism and hospitality.



Asia Carnivals


  • Kuta Karnival – Takes place in Bali at the Kuta Beach – Date: 9 to 11 September.
  • Solo Batik Carnival – Takes place in the city of Solo also known as Surakarta in Central Java. The carnival began in 2008 – Date: 12 to 14 June.
  • Jember Fashion Carnaval – Takes place in the city of Jember in East java province. Date: 26 to 30 August



  • Goa Carnival – Goa is the only state in India that celebrates carnival or intruz in the local language. It’s a three day event celebrated in the towns of Panaji, Margoa, Mapusa and Vasco da Gama. The Sambalpur carnival is a two-day event.Panaji draws the largest crowd. Date: Celebrated in mid February, from 14 February to 17 February.


  • Tel Aviv Purim Carnival – Celebrated by Jews to observe the day of deliverance from Haman who tried to influence the King of the Persian Empire to commit a genocide of Jews. Date: Usually observed in March at sunset on the Jewish 14th day of Adar.The 2016 event will take place on 24 March and the 2017 event will take place on 12 March. The 2015 event took place on 5 March.



  • Highline Carnival (THC) – Takes place in Geyikbayiri, Antalya. Date: from 14 February to 22 February
  • Balkahorani Carnival – Also known as Apokries is a 3 day Greek carnival that takes place in Turkish cities like Instabul and Tatavla.Date: Starts 3 weeks before Ash Monday in the Greek Orthodox Christian calendar. Ash Monday marks the beginning of the 40 day Lenten fast.


Europe Carnivals


  • Carnival of Binche – Celebrations start 3 days before the start of Lent [Ash Monday], a 40 day fasting period observed in the Orthodox Church. Date: 15 to 17 February 2015, the 2016 event will take place from 7 to 9 February.
  • Carnival of Aalst – Starts 3 days before ‘Clean ’ Wednesday [Another term for Ash Wednesday]

 Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Ljubuski Carnival – Date: February


  • Rijeka Carnival – Held every year before Lent. Date: Starts in late January and ends in early March. The 2016 event runs from 17 January to 10 February. It also features a pageant for Miss Rijeka Carnival.


  • Limassol Carnival – Fun event celebrated for 10 days before Lent (Ash Monday), by Greek Orthodox church. Date: Runs from 12 February [Shrove Thursday] to 22 February.

Czech Republic

  • Masopust Traditional Carnival – Date: Celebrated during Epiphany up to Ash Wednesday according to Orthodox Christian calendar.


  • Nordic Halloween or Fastelavn – Date: A carnival celebrated on a Sunday or Monday preceding Ash Wednesday, Christian Orthodox calendar.


  • Notting Hill Carnival – The largest street carnival in the UK and second largest in the world. This is celebrated by people of Caribbean origin in England, particularly Trinidad and Tobago. Date: 30 to 31 August.



  • Nice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts on 13 February and ends on 28 February. Generally the celebrations take place between mid February and end of February or beginning of March.
  • Dunkirk Carnival – Date: Mid January to late March
  • Paris Carnival – Date: July


  • Cologne Karneval – Date: [11 November is the start of carnival season]


  • Patras Carnival – 3 day event. Date: The 2015 event opens on 17 January 2015. Annual event starts on St Anthony Day.


  • Venice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts 23 Jan to 9 Feb.
  • Viareggio Carnival – Date: The 2015 event starts 17 February to 17 March
  • Ivrea Carnival – Orange fight. Date: The 2015 event takes place on Tuesday 17 February. The 2016 event falls on 15 February.


  • Nadur Carnival – Date: Street party happens in the period 13-17 February, and usually starts on 12 February.
  • Valleta Carnival – Date: The 2015 event falls between 12 Feb and 17 Feb
  • Floriana Carnival – Date: 13 to 17 Feb


  • Rhineland Carnaval – 3 day event held in Maastricht, the capital city of Limburg province. Date: Happens 15 to 18 February in 2015, otherwise in the month of February.


  • Torres Vedras Carnival – Date: 13 to 18 February
  • Ovar Carnival – Date: Every year on Fat Tuesday, February or March
  • Sesimbra Carnival – includes Samba dance parades. Date: February
  • Madeira Carnival – A one week celebration. Date: 3 to 10 February
  • Loule Carnival – Streets get jammed with revelers. Date: The 2015 event runs from 14 Feb to 17 Feb.
  • Nazare Carnival – Date: Shrove Tuesday


  • Las Palmas Carnival – 500 year old celebration that goes on for a month filled with galas and dancing. A very large carnival after Rio de Janeiro.To enter the galas, visitors pay between 10 and 15 euros per individual. The main spectacle of the extravaganza is the Gala Queens competition. Date: Will run from 3 Feb to 21 Feb in 2016.
  • Sitges Carnival – Date: The 2015 extravaganza takes place between 12 and 18 February.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival – Capital of Canary Islands attracts a million participants to the event each year. The main highlight of the event is when the Carnival Queen is chosen.Date: The 2015 celebration starts 8 Feb t 22 Feb. The 2016 extravaganza starts 31 Jan to 4 Feb. [January/February/March].


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Kenyan Beauty with Well Curved Boobs and Body – and Dreads

Curvaceous Kenyan Stunner in Orange Bra Strolls at the Beach

Curvaceous Kenyan Stunner in Orange Bra Strolls at the Beach

A first look at this gorgeous Kenyan girl will intimidate you because she is not only beautiful, but she is also well shaped and she looks like a celebrity taking a vacation in Malibu or some beach in Bali. Who in his right mind will dare to approach such a beautiful lady unless your name is Mr. Money Mayweather or Cristiano Ronaldo.
The beautiful lady looks extremely fine in her beach attire, an orange bra and obviously a bikini, which should be the same color. The dreads are awesome, the dark sunglasses are cool and the arm tattoo is clean and sexy.
Besides the good looks, the lady has a killer body shape, well curved, amazing boobs, slim waist and nice-looking skin. This beautiful light-skinned black woman has a tan that millions of women would die for. No, it’s not a tan, she is just brown skinned.

May 02

Sexy Kenyan Woman Shows Her Backside Booty

Sexy Kenyan Woman Stands on Doorway - I am BOOTYLICIOUS - You have to like my booty

Sexy Kenyan Woman Stands on Doorway – I am BOOTYLICIOUS – You have to like my booty

There is nothing proud like a woman who knows she got it. This woman decided to face away from the camera, turn around and show us her backside which is begging for attention, and yes we agree that she’s got some big booty, wide hips and a slim waist for a killer sexy figure. That’s how beautiful she is, and the swag is spot on – a tight bodycon mini dress that shapes the butt, with thin neck straps and bareback that gives a nice view of her naked shoulders and arms. No doubt, this lady is clever and smart, she knows her best assets, and don’t say we didn’t warn you when she snatches your boyfriend or husband. The grey high heels match well with the grey/white patterned micro mini skirt. The heart-shaped bead earrings and 36 inches of long Brazilian hair are perfectly in place to complete an attractive  well-dressed figure.

May 01

Sexy Kenyan Girl with Big Boobs Spilling From Her Shirt

A gorgeous African city woman from Kenya with full boobs

A gorgeous African city woman from Kenya with full boobs

Check through the window, and you will see this marvelllous sight. They say it’s healthy to stare at boobs, and it’s much better if they are bigger boobs.This gorgeous black Kenyan woman from Africa is happy to give you that kind of therapy. The pretty lady is wearing a white, neck strapped bustier that gives a nice view of her cleavage. She looks smart, with healthy skin that is well taken care of. A nice smile and pretty face with clean long dreads. Like fresh baked bread, it looks like she is just coming from the makeup room after taking a bubbly bath.

May 01

Pretty Somali Girl with Flawless Skin – Baby Face

A beautiful Somali girl with naturally smooth face

A beautiful Somali girl with naturally smooth face

While most ladies will spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics to smoothen their skin, most Somali girls are known to have fresh, baby smooth skin with a unique exotic tone that differentiates them from other women. An example is this pretty girl with a beautiful smile. Her face is youngish and her skin is simply flawless. Do Somalis have some type of gene that gives them a smooth baby face? If so, then they are the luckiest women on planet earth, because every woman will sell their whole house to have this magic gene.
The pretty lady is wearing a small crystal pin nose ornamentation, which is the only thing breaking her spotless skin, some suspended ball earrings and a ladies jewelry watch.