Jun 12

Beautiful American Colored Girl with Juicy Lips Spots Hip Hop Swag – PLUS: Does the Grand Prix Attract Sex Workers and Tourists?


A cool pretty girl that you would want to be with wearing a woolen cap,cropped sweater and leggings

A cool pretty girl that you would want to be with wearing a woolen cap,cropped sweater and leggings

Beautiful American Colored Girl with Juicy Lips Spots Hip Hop Swag

This pretty American girl of mixed Afro/Euro/Latino heritage  looks cool in a black woolen hip hop cap, a maroon woolen crop top sweater that exposes her fine belly, sweat pant shorts and woolen leggings.Wow,and those nice red lips look tempting for a long smooch or French kiss. Her face makeup is simply attractive and that long hair is fine. This girl here is putting on what you would call SWAG and she is also good looking.


Does the Grand Prix Attract Sex Workers and Tourists?

CLES, an organization which is composed of people against the sex industry and prostitution has issued a statement warning the Mayor of Montreal, Tourism Board and Grand Prix organizers against what they call “exploitation of sex workers” during the Grand Prix racing event, which is held on weekends in that city.

The organization has stepped up its campaign on social networks, targeting the accounts of the Mayor as well as the Tourism Board. They are planning to hold a family friendly event as an alternative to the advertisement of escort services by agents, clubs and adult shops.

The organization claims that visitors to Canada think of Montreal as a haven for sex tourists. Apparently, soliciting the services of a prostitute is not allowed in most parts of Canada, but strip clubs are allowed to operate.

One woman who used to work as an escort, and who is now a member of CLES says that she was approached by escort agencies during the racing season to take part in entertaining visitors.

The members of CLES say that sex tourism has been going on for a long time in Canada, especially during the Grand Prix season. They claim that many girls in the city of Montreal are recruited by agencies to work extra hours since it’s a busy season with many tourists.

Taking a look from a different perspective, anyone who is not interested in working for escort agencies has a choice not to, it’s not like these girls are forced to work as escorts. They might be protesting just to sour things for girls who have chosen to remain in this profession, those girls who have no problems and actually benefitting from these services.

As one member put it, recruiting sexy models to pose at motor shows or racing events is some kind of soft exploitation of girls, which covers the prostitution that is going on in the background.

SOURCE – Montreal Gazette


Jun 10

Sexy White American Girl in Skimpy Jeans Exposes Cleavage – PLUS: Nicki Minaj Talks about Sex in Car with Meek Mill


Everybody likes white women for multiple reasons - Here is a sexy white girl in short sexy jeans and thinly covered chest, taking a selfie

Everybody likes white women for multiple reasons – Here is a sexy white girl in short sexy jeans and thinly covered chest, taking a selfie

A sexy white American girl looks at herself in a smartphone before taking a selfie.The white Caucasian beauty is wearing a thin leopard colored bustier that gives a glimpse of her fine body and bust, plus some extremely short jean shorts. This is quite an attractive woman with a slim body.


Nicki Minaj Talks about Sex in Car with Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj just recently revealed that she had sex in her car with Meek Mill. Meek Mill is a US Rapper who is currently dating Nicki Minaj.The Anaconda star told everything to Hollywood Life Magazine about her sex life. The bootylicious female rap star went further to reveal her sex preferences, saying she does not like sex toys.

Nicki Minaj says sex toys aren’t satisfying and they aren’t good if your man is giving it to you. She says “if sex is good, you don’t need it”.

The female diva is keen on satisfying her man in the bedroom or anywhere, and she confesses to having sex in the car with her current boyfriend, Meek Mills.Apparently, they had sex inside Nicki Minaj’s Range Rover and she enjoyed the experience.However, she says the car was too small to feel comfortable while sexing but it was a turn-on for her anyway. She was excited but it seems she did it to make her boyfriend happy. In her own words: “…..For him, it was really great. Like super, super great”

Nicki Minaj is not the shy type who keeps her preferences a secret. She urges women to be assertive in the bedroom, to say what they want when it comes to sex, how they want to be handled and so on. In her own words, Nicki says she makes her demands known: “I demand that I climax……”

Her comments although honest, will surely get people talking. The comments have gone viral, creating an internet storm. But meanwhile, Nicki has to deal with the rumors of her supposed engagement to Meek Mill. The Barbie doll faced rap star claimed that Meek Mill gave her a gorgeous diamond ring worth 15 carats as a sign of their engagement, but her boyfriend denied it when he was interviewed by Fader Magazine. He told the magazine that: “…me and Nicki ain’t engaged”

Sources have revealed that Nicki Minaj was not happy about her boyfriend’s denial of the engagement. It seems that Meek Mill does not want any publicity with regards to their engagement affairs. He might be sincerely looking forward to get engaged with Nicki but Nicki may not be ready for commitment, she is agreeing just to play to the gallery.

No-one knows what these two are up to, Nicki’s feelings might be true or just a game. Meek Mills denies giving a diamond ring for engagement, but again he might be that proud guy who will never admit to things that make him look like a hopeless romantic. It’s not uncommon for celebrity couples to deny rumors of their engagement before they finally getting married.

While the two are making their views known on Instagram, with Nicki acting like a sincere woman who really wants to get married, Meek Mill is accusing her of spreading false rumors of their alleged engagement. Which is which? You can only speculate……

Nicki Minja even posts a picture captioned:  When you recognize you found a QUEEN…Don’t ever let her go.


SOURCE – Inquisitr /Cosmopolitan /HollywoodLife


Jun 10

Black Woman with Sexy Shapely Body Lies on Couch in Bikini – PLUS: Horny Couple Gets Videotaped While Having Sex in Car


An attractive curvaceous mixed American woman wearing bikini and relaxing on an outdoor couch

An attractive curvaceous mixed American woman wearing bikini and relaxing on an outdoor couch

The face of this light-skinned American woman might look familiar to some people who like watching soap operas and TV shows. She looks sexy and shapely while lying on that outdoor couch. You can clearly see the perfect hourglass shape that is loved by most guys and women. She has a perfect slim body, just average, a flat stomach and nice skin tone. This attractive woman is wearing a fancy patterned side-tie bikini and matching bra.


Horny Couple Gets Videotaped While Having Sex in Car

It looks like having sex in a car is not a smart thing to do if you don’t want to be caught by strangers. A viral video which was circulated on the internet shows two men taking a video of a couple busy having sex in a car. The incidence happened in a nature park in Dartmoor in Devon, UK.

After spotting a Ford KA parked in a grassy field, the two men decided to go and investigate. They were hold video cameras to capture the find. As they approached the car, one of the guys is seen taking a video at the back seat of the car. The rear window of the car was a bit foggy, a sign of sweaty human activity going on inside. The man goes to the side of the car and takes a video through the side window. He starts to laugh while taking pictures with his camera. His friend is also taking pictures while approaching the car, and he happens to take a photo of his friend as well.

The couple inside the car are obviously disturbed by the laughter and quick movements can be seen in the back seat.

The guys immediately stop capturing the scene, and they rush back to their car, driving off to leave the horny couple wondering what was happening.

SOURCE – Mirror UK


Jun 10

Pretty Black American Girl Reveals Nice Boobs – PLUS: Female Juvenile Facility Supervisor Has Sex in Car with Teenage Boy

A sexy black woman struggling to keep her nice large boobs from wandering.

A sexy black woman struggling to keep her nice large boobs from wandering.

A pretty black American girl who is clearly proud of her chest assets. She is teasing the camera with her barely covered boobs that would make a guy’s feelings go wild if she ever was to strip naked in the bathroom. The slim woman has a killer body, small waist, wide hips and large boobs that are covered by her tight black bodycon dress.


Female Juvenile Facility Supervisor Has Sex in Car with Teenage Boy

Washington, Seattle – An American female employee for the Department of Social and Health Services who was accused of having sex with a 17-year old teenage boy inside her government-owned car at a juvenile community care center has been charged for sexual misconduct.

The 24-year old woman slept with the boy two times inside in a government-owned van, during a shopping errand and when they had gone to watch a community football game.

The woman named Kalia Jondoc is reported to have exchanged sex text messages and naked photos with the teenage boy. Text messages containing nude pictures of herself as well as sexually graphic messages were found in the boy’s mobile phone, which was confisticated by the police.

It’s clear that she intended to have sex with the boy after he asked her when are they going to have sex.She replied and said that it’s not legal to have sex with him because she is her supervisor entrusted to look after him at the rehabilitation facility, but she would have sex with him if she worked elsewhere.

However, after flirting a couple of times and exchanging juicy details via the phone, the pair decided to meet for sex. One sexual encounter occurred inside her van at the parking space near the shops. While other juveniles went to the shops, Kalia stayed behind in the van with the teenager. Their sex romp lasted up to 30 minutes while other teens were shopping.

Their next meeting for sex occurred when they went to attend a local football game at Inglemoor High School. They made sex inside the van while the local residents were watching the game.

After the incident was discovered by other juveniles at the rehabilitation center, they reported the matter to the authorities, resulting in Kalia Jondoc being arrested, formally charged with abusing the trust given to her as a juvenile supervisor as well as having sex with a teen under her care.

She is currently out on $50,000 bail and she has been fired from her job.

SOURCE: Seattle Times


Jun 10

Sexy Colored American Girl in Tight Crop Top – PLUS: Drunk Woman Drowns After Sex in Car – Vehicle Sinks in River


A light skinned black woman looking beautiful and sexy - gorgeous smile

A light skinned black woman looking beautiful and sexy – gorgeous smile

A beautiful and cute colored black girl with an attractive smile, gorgeous mouth and lovely curly black/brown streaked afro hair. She is spotting the brightest smile and a clinically white set of teeth that will make you feel good. Her body is shapely and just the perfect type of slim that every guy would dream of. The light-skinned African American girl is wearing a tight white patterned crop top that reveals her sexy slim waist.


Drunk Woman Drowns After Sex in Car – Vehicle Sinks in River

If you are driving a car with your loved one, you might end up having sex in a car, somewhere. As it turns out, sex can make you forget your environment. This is what happened when a Russian man and his girlfriend got intoxicated while having sex in a car. Only that the ending was not good, it ended badly for the woman who couldn’t save herself from drowning when the car rolled and sank into the river.

The driver of the car forgot to put the handbrake on, after parking on the Kuban river bank in Yelizavetinskaya, Russia. The two were lovers, obviously on a romantic outing. They came to the picnic spot with a supply of booze and drinks.

The police claim that it’s evident that the couple were too intoxicated to notice imminent danger or stop the car from rolling into the river. Empty bottles of beer were found on the site. After drinking many bottles of beer, the couple got drunk, then decided to make love on the spot. They chose to make a sex romp inside the car, and clearly they didn’t think about their safety first.

As the couple started to make love inside the car, their weight caused the car to start moving into the river. They felt or saw nothing as the car started to move, until they were surrounded by water. The water must have jolted the man to reality because he started to kick the side window with his foot. He immediately got out, but it was too late to save his girlfriend.

The Russian police confirmed receiving an emergency call from the man to notify them of the incident. He could have saved the poor woman but the car was sinking fast under the weight of the water and the woman. His drunken state is another possible reason why he failed to save her drowning girlfriend.

The distraught man has been sent to a psychotherapy clinic to get treated for shock and trauma.

SOURCE: Inquisitr / Mirror / Daily Mail

Jun 10

Light-Skinned Curvy African American Woman in Short Jeans and Crop Top – PLUS: Couple Caught Having Sex in the Car Park While Kid Watches


A really gorgeous black woman with juicy lips and sex booty wearing skimpy jeans and red crop t-shirt

A really gorgeous black woman with juicy lips and sex booty wearing skimpy jeans and red crop t-shirt

A beautiful black American girl with a curvaceous body, big booty, small waist and nice round boobs.This sexy woman has succulent lips that would take you to seventh heaven if she ever smooched your mouth. The gorgeous lady is wearing a sexy pair of micro jean shorts and a red long-sleeved crop t-shirt that exposes her fine belly, and yes the long dark hair is attractive as well.


Couple Caught Having Sex in the Car Park While Kid Watches

UK – A man and a woman were caught having sex in a car park while their kid was watching. Some workers at a nearby shop called the police when they saw the couple engaging sex in a public place while a minor was looking. The incidence happened at McDonalds Park at Swansea in the UK.

The names of the two are Lisa Gray and Rhys Higgins. They have been arraigned before the courts and have been charged for committing public indecency as well as having sex in a car park. The couple was caught in the morning of 6 May.

Some employees who work nearby saw a man and a woman sitting inside a vehicle just before 5am in a compromising situation. They were having oral sex and didn’t even worry that a kid was there.

The 28-year old woman Lisa Gray was present at the court when the judgement was delivered, but her partner, Rhys who is 4 years younger attended the trial through a remote virtual courtroom.

Although Lisa denied both charges of public indecency and having sex before a kid, his partner only denied the later.

The two are free on bail with restrictions, but they will return to the courts in a few weeks to face judgement.

Source: South Wales Evening Post


May 18

Sexy Black American Woman Emerges From Swimming Pool – PLUS: Infatuated with Each Other

A shapely and sexy black girl with nice brown tan

A shapely and sexy black girl with nice brown tan

A sexy black woman soaked in water emerges from the swimming pool in James Bond girl style, her black side slit maxi dress is soaked wet, and yeah those shapely thighs and side view of boobs is just marvelous.

David and Pamela  Flirt Through Text Message – They Are Infatuated with Each Other – 1

So after a week of chatting back and forth on a mobile phone, Pamela and David were still strangers who hadn’t met in real life. Pamela enjoyed texting on her phone, while lying in her bedroom. This was her way of relaxing and passing time, especially if she was bored.

She was just a college girl, but she hated college. Like other girls of her age, she thought adult life was attractive because of the independence that you get from not having to deal with your parents, you know being told what to do, and all those boring household chores.

Her mother was a nanny and her father was a policeman. They seemed not to care what their daughters did, where they went or whom they are seeing.

Pamela was only 18, and she was quite curious about guys. She never understood why guys acted the way they did. With multiple contacts on her phone, most of whom were male, David was the third guy on her dating list. She called it dating but it really wasn’t dating, it was some kind of experimenting.

David had broken up with her girlfriend last year. The first he spoke to Pamela, he was attracted to her voice. Pamela liked the fact that David was not quick to ask for a meeting like other guys. As weeks passed by, Pamela got emotionally attached to him. He was not like other guys, he was patient, cool and understanding. She started to tell him about her relationship problems. How other guys are treating her and so on.

David was confused but he knew that the girl was testing him. If the stories of other guys might were true or not, he decided not to care. He knew that he had fallen in the friendship zone with the girl but he also knew that he can change it at any time. Such was his confidence.

When Pamela brought up some stories, David advised her to stay away from bad guys who didn’t treat her well. After a few weeks of chatting, David finally asked to meet her, he knew the girl was going to give a few excuses before finally agreeing to come.

Pamela didn’t come, she was expecting David to insist or get angry but it seems he was not the type. They kept chatting like nothing happened for about one week. Pamela began to wonder why David never showed determination to meet her. Was he playing games or just being arrogant?

One late Monday morning, Pamela took a taxi to David’s place and send a text message to let him know that he was coming. David couldn’t believe this, so he just said “oh really, let me know when you are there because this sounds like a joke. Just assure me that I won’t be walking for nothing to meet a ghost because I have a lot of things to do”.

“I am at the Post Office now, come and see me” Pamela said on her mobile phone.

“What are you wearing” David asked

“A black skirt, the girl with long hair” Pamela answered

May 18

Beautiful Light Skinned American Black Girl in Bra – PLUS: Car for Hire Driver Tries To Solicit Sex from Woman


A pretty light skinned black girl with a gorgeous face in black bra, touches her lips in a provocative way.

A pretty light skinned black girl with a gorgeous face in black bra, touches her lips in a provocative way.


Car for Hire Driver Tries To Solicit Sex from Woman

SEATTLE – A driver for Lyft car rental hire in Seattle, USA demanded sex from her passenger, then dragged her when she refused. The woman dropped her phone inside the car, and when she asked the driver to help her find her phone, the driver asked for sex.She refused, so the driver dragged her with his car.

The driver had dropped off the woman at her place, but she found out that she left her phone in the car. She called her number, and a man who happened to be the driver replied. The woman asked him to return her mobile phone, but the man could have none of that as he apparently didn’t want to return the phone. He stopped answering her calls but after several calls, he responded to the persistent woman with an offer of sex in exchange for the phone.

After several minutes of negotiations, the driver agreed to come to the woman’s home. He came and parked the car on the streets while the woman was watching her. As the woman came towards the car, she identified her phone, which the driver was holding in his hand. Just as the woman came close to the car by the window, she snatched her phone, with the intention of running away, but the driver immediately drove off, dragging her a few meters, until she released herself from the car.

Luckily, she didn’t get serious injuries except bruises and cuts. Her friend called the police, who came to the scene, but the driver was already gone. They managed to get the driver’s name as well as the type of car that he was driving, a Toyota Prius.

Besides the information that they got from the woman, the police are trying to get the driver’s details from the car rental company.Lyft has confirmed that the driver is on their database, and they have already deactivated his account.

Source: KOMO News

May 18

Pretty American Woman with Big Boobs in Tight Crop – PLUS: Lovers Die After Sexing in Car


Nice busty cleavage and flat belly

Nice busty cleavage and flat belly

A pretty black girl with big boobs takes a selfie.She is wearing a grey tight crop t-shirt that reveals her tight flat stomach.


Lovers Die After Sexing in Car

KENTUCKY – A couple from Kentucky, USA was found dead inside a car, after they fell asleep with car windows closed. The 31-year old man David Long, and her 25-year old girlfriend Violet, had just finished having sex inside the car, when they feel asleep.

They closed the windows in an attempt to keep warm while enjoying sex, but closing the car windows and forgetting to turn off the engine can be fatal. This is exactly what happened, some carbon monoxide escaped through a crack in the vehicle’s exhaust pipe and made its way inside the car. They apparently inhaled the carbon-monoxide which was building up inside the car while fast asleep.

It is a common thing for couples to sleep immediately after having sex,but David and Violet never woke up to see another day. They died peacefully inside the car.

Their dead bodies were only discovered the next morning by David’s brother. He was taking his kids to school when he decided to check the car. He called the paramedics, but they never came to attend the emergency, instead they directed him to perform a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The CPR didn’t work as the couple was already dead. While the county sheriff insists that the incident occurred while the couple was sleeping, the WCPO says the original statement made by Sheriff Neale is the true one.Meanwhile, no official reports have been released. Medical investigations are yet to be done to determine the cause.

Source: New York Daily News

May 18

Sexy Brown American Girl in Thong Flaunts Her Booty – PLUS: A Night of Lovemaking

Sexy girl in G-string shows her backside

Sexy girl in G-string shows her backside

A bootylicious black woman in black thong takes a selfie in her bedroom while checking her backside in the mirror.

David and Pamela – A Night of Lovemaking -3

As the pair walked towards the apartment, it was clear that love was in the air, Pamela jokingly asked David if he knew where to find “those girls”.

“Oh you are talking about those girls, I know what you mean” David said as he smiled.

As they approached the gate, Pamela followed David behind. He opened the front door, music was playing from his computer and they sit down. Pamela took the chair next to the kitchen table. Unlike other girls, David thought Pamela was a cool girl who didn’t fuss too much about stuff and material things. She was just a young girl looking for fun. She came from a poor background, but she found David’s place so familiar and not so intimidating. It was a modest apartment which she could relate to, as humble as its owner.

Just as he had predicted, Pamela stood up from the kitchen table and sat on the bed next to David. They watched a movie, and soon after they were joking like old buddies. Pamela was a playful and naughty girl and she didn’t take long to get to get comfortable with David although it was the first day of their meeting.

If there was one thing that Pamela noticed, it was the fact that David was a nice guy, a bit shy but not so shy, a little bit reserved and respectful. He was the type of guy who did not easily express his inhibitions but of course he could talk passionately about any neutral subject.

David loved the attention he got from Pamela. As they were watching a movie, Pamela turned to David, she started to wrestle him, and tickling him under the armpits. David just started laughing, it was clear that the girl was sizing him up.

The playful wrestling continued intermittently, stopping when each partner got up to do something and resuming when the other partner returned bed. There were a lot of giggles, and laughs. It was clear that this would continue throughout the night, but as the pair wrestled, with Pamela over David and hold pinning arms on the bed, David broke the grip with a swift maneuver and flipped Pamela to the side, moving his legs between her thighs and thrusting with his pants on. They began passionately kissing each other.

“Switch off the light” Pamela moaned

David switched off the light, the room was faintly illuminated by the computer screen. As Pamela got on top of David like the naughty girl that she was, David recognized her face clearly for the first time. She was feeling sympathetic for him.