Apr 03

Black Nigerian Girl with Big Boobs Peeking From Bra

A seductive Nigerian African lady with oozing boobs

A seductive Nigerian African lady with oozing boobs

A pretty Nigerian girl looking seductive with large boobs peeking out. She is wearing thin dreadlocks and her look is just interesting.

Body Language – This pretty young African woman looks sexy and she is staring at the camera in a funny and interesting way. Big women have a sense of humour you know, that’s why I like them.

Boobs – Those huge boobs peaking out of her black bra or is it a cleavage dress, look so nice and threatening [8/10]

Face – Her facial expression is like “hey I will smother you with my huge D cups!!!” It is every guy’s dream to feel threatened sexually J

Lips – Kiss my boobs first.

Hair – She is putting on thin dreadlocks of a right length which is suitable for her pretty face, cleavage and black sexy top.

Swag – There is nothing to talk about unfortunately. She looks uninterested

Overall – This is a big girl with mouth watering cleavage and big boobs.Her skin is healthy, sexy and looks firm to the touch.

Meet Black Nigerian Girl – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

This Nigerian girl proves that big is sexy. She is wearing a bra or a sleeveless cleavage top which fits her bust nicely and comfortably, not too big to too small. A very small bra looks uncomfortable on a big woman because it cuts the skin and it squeezes the boobs out. This woman is just wearing the right size which looks so sexy. If you are looking for bras for big women with big boobs, then you can find some inspiration from the pictures below.

Big women usually take snapshots of their upper body because they might not be so blessed in the bottom part, especially the midriff or stomach which in most cases looks bulgy or what you would call a beer belly. A big woman who wants to have a sexy and flat stomach has several options to slim down and make her bottom part as sexy as her bust.


Apr 02

Student South African Girl Shines in Short Jeans and Converse Sneakers

Black South African University Girl in Sexy Casual Attire

Black South African University Girl in Sexy Casual Attire

A gorgeous South African girl strutting out in the open air gathering for students. She looks smashing beautiful in sexy short jeans, Converse sneakers and sleeveless t-shirt.

Body Language – It looks like this college girl was stopped by some news reporter or event photographer, and she is obliging to have some snapshots taken of her. Just like what a celebrity would do if they were asked for an autograph, there is no assumption of airs or attitudes. You are just being kind to offer your attention.

Booty – The girl is tight, with a perfect rear that looks so firm and shapely [8/10]

Boobs – Perfect for her sexy and fit body [8/10]

Waist – You can tell that this girl is physically fit, she has an athletic body that has managed to retain much of its feminine features, talk about internal strength. Her waist is trim, her belly is flat and she has amazing legs. [9/10]

Face – She is a pretty girl, taking the time to stop for a photo shoot with grace and patience.

Lips – Okay

Hair – Short and sexy for her good-looking face,

Swag – You have to love the girl’s casual attire. It’s smart, clean and simple. The contrast is cool and refreshing, white canvas tommys and white sleeveless t-shirt, with neat blue jean mini shorts providing a break. The girl looks stunning against the cool background and overcast weather.

Overall – We love this young female college student, she exudes some elegance, patience and grace. She chose the best attire for this field event, an occasion to wear casual.

Meet Student South African girls – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


Converse Sneakers for Girls – The girl above looks splendid. She looks neat and smart in white sneakers. These takkies can be obtained from most retail shops as well as footwear shops and fashion shops in your country. They are cool for field events and sporting, you might wear them when you are going to watch sports at the campus, taking part in open air social gatherings, participating in extramural activities, at a trade fair and many other recreational activities.

Girls will like the bright colours such as white, yellow, orange and gold. Feminine colours like pink, purple and rose are also available. If you are in the performing arts, you can get stylish takkies with patterns or those that are tinted with glitter and crystals. These stylish Converse takkies can also be worn at the club and other entertainment venues, for example, a show or beauty pageant hosted by the college. You can also wear these awesome sneakers to wow your schoolmates during Civics Day.

Jean Mini Shorts for Young WomenShort jean pants are very sexy, a favourite item for girls and young ladies nowadays. They represent the emancipation of women and their freedom to wear what they like. They have become more popular than jean dresses in this generation. Not only are they preferred by wild girls who prefer a Tomboy look, but they have been adopted by many emancipated women who will wear them at parties, clubs, social gatherings, when travelling, camping or just out in the field. They are good for recreational activities and field projects, and hence, you will find many female students at the campus wearing them.

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Apr 02

South African Girls with Swag – Five Hip Hop Teens Show How It’s Done – Vans Sneakers, Necklaces and Knit Hats

Five South African Teenage Girls in Hip Hop Attire

Five South African Teenage Girls in Hip Hop Attire

A display of swag from five teenage South African girls from the hood, showing how it’s done with Vans Takkies, chains, knit hats, crop t-shirts and low hung sweat pants. Two girls are wearing Converse sneakers and the other three are wearing Vans sneakers.

Body Language – The teens are definitely enjoying themselves, now that’s quite some attitude from the hood sisters. A show of 110% young confidence by our sisters, the two girls at the extreme ends are even trying to kick the air or attempting to fly. We like this cute display.

Booty – It’s too early to discuss booties at this age.

Boobs – This is not the right time to discuss boobs, let’s wait until the girls grow up.

Waist – The teen girls ain’t shy to display their fine and slim midriffs. It’s nice to know that they are taking care of themselves at this early age.

Face – Our young hood sisters would properly be called “sisters with an attitude” or simply SWA. Now that’s what I’m talking about, keep it real and serious.

Lips – What a stupid question, those girls must be laughing at you. Give the kids a break, they aren’t working yet, so how do you expect them to buy some fancy makeup?

Hair – Our dreadlocked sisters look good in those bleached dreads or is it golden or blonde dreads. Whatever it is, they form a fantastic group.

Swag – A cute show of swag and attitude by the girls. All of them are wearing the same theme, which looks fantastic on all members, white hip hop woolen caps, bare midriff black crop t-shirts, short legged tracksuit bottoms, exposed socks and Vans sneakers. The hood attire is adopted to the full by putting on silver chains and low hung pants. This fantastic group of girls decided to put on glasses, which brings a sweet element to neutralize the hardcore stance, you know bring it a notch down like Boyz 2 Men.

Overall – We like the attitude, confidence and swag displayed by these young hip hop girls from down South.

Meet Hip Hop South African girls


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Sweat pants for young women – The young girls above are wearing sweat pants, which you might also call by different names such as tracksuit bottoms or tracksuit pants. These are manufactured by apparel wear companies such as Diesel, Adios, Nike, Adidas and many other brands. These pants can be worn as casual wear, but they are usually worn for sporting activities like jogging, exercise and field training. They have been widely adapted by Hip Hop artists, where they are a hallmark of the rap culture. As a result, you will find shops that specialize in making unique pants specifically for Hip Hop. You don’t need to be too particular about where you buy your Hip Hop pants, unless you want a custom design for your identity. If you are not a picky fashion wearer, you can get high quality pants from reputable brand names like Nike, which are usually more affordable than celebrity brands or Hip Hop specialty shops.

Vans Sneakers for teenage girlsVans sneakers are very popular with high school girls and young women. They are usually worn as a sign of belonging to a trendy young culture and as a form of self expression. In order to look cool in this casual footwear when you are going out, you will need to put on some casual attire such as jeans, sweat pants, tracksuits, jackets and t-shirts that fit in well. There are a lot of bright colours for this footwear, ranging from red to yellow, green to black. You will also find some stylish Vans sneakers such as those with stars, stripes and shinning glitter. You can even opt for unique designs with studs. There are laced and elastic tie sneakers, it’s all up to get what you want.


Hip Hop Knit Hats – These are woolen caps also known as pullover skullies that are usually worn in winter and widely used by hip hop artists and fans. These knit hats are unisex wear, which can be worn by both girls and boys. The black colour with white print text or label looks so cool, but you can get many more colours like white, red, blue, dark red, dark green, dark blue and grey.

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Mar 31

Cute and Curvy South African Girl in Skimpy Jean Shorts

Curvy Young South African Woman in Sexy Denim Shorts

Curvy Young South African Woman in Sexy Denim Shorts

This black South African African girl is both cute and sexy, with a killer pose, she is wearing a pair of sexy denim mini shorts, and a tight crop t-shirt that exposes her fine belly.

Body Language – The girl has a banging body and curves in all the right places. This is a full woman from top to the bottom if you know what I am saying. She is super cute and sexy, her pose exudes sexiness and confidence, and a little bit of coyness. If you think you love your favorite sport or food more than anything, wait until this girl crosses your path, she will make you drop your plate of pizza and KFC.

Booty – You don’t need a rearview shot to realize that this girl has a dope ass. If the front is sizzling, then the backside is hot [8/10]

Boobs – The cleavage created by those boobs hidden behind that GAL BOY T-shirt is simply amazing [8/10]

Waist – Her thin waist and flat belly is eye candy, it makes you want to kiss. A crop t-shirt is made for girls like these, to display that fine midriff. Her curvy hips are perfect and she has amazing legs [9/10]

Face – A cute face and display is being exhibited by this fine African girl, pouting lips that look so juicy and tempting. We also like the fake attempt at shyness from this smart and confident girl, it makes her even sexier.

Lips – The girl’s lips are juicy and ready to smother you with that kiss of your life.

Hair – The hair is just simple but good for her attire and this occasion for camera.

Swag – The girl has got swag, super cute if you ask me. She has a perfect combination, making full use of her banging body, photogenic talent and striking pose. Add cuteness to this, and you have a bomb. You can’t say anything more, but the items that she is putting on, tight red t-shirt and short jeans, look perfect on her, sexy and simple. Girls sometimes worry too much about looks, but simplicity can bring out the best in you, as is the case with this African beauty.

Overall – She is a complete package, beautiful, simple, sexy, cute, full of swagger and capable of striking a breath taking pose. The outfit loves her, the camera loves her, she is a bomb.

Meet Curvy South African Girls – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Sexy jean shorts for women – The denim shorts worn by the young woman above look so sexy. These tight shorts are good for casual wear, relaxing at home, outdoor activities or simply going out to the shops. The denim booty shorts are extremely shorter than the mini shorts, exposing a portion of your bums, and making you look sexy whether you are out at the beach, pool party or night club. A simple t-shirt is just enough to complete your casual attire. There are jean shorts with frayed fringes, patterned fringes and off-the-cuff shorts that look like you rolled the hem. You can choose between zipped shorts, zipperless shorts and buttoned shorts.

There is no limit on how much shorter female jean shorts can be. You can increase the tempo and be more daring. The tight micro mini jean shorts below which almost look like underwear (or is it denim underwear) are an example:

Sexy Thong Jeans for Women ,Micro Mini Shorts – By Mogi Jeans

Mar 31

South African Woman Looking Smart and Elegant in Lovely Mini Dress

A tall beautiful South African black lady wearing a sexy smart bodycon mini dress

A tall beautiful South African black lady wearing a sexy smart bodycon mini dress

A beautiful South African woman looking smart, sexy and elegant in short mini dress. She is a wearing a decent blue/black mini dress with transparent cleavage and shoulders.

Body Language – Her body speaks elegance and confidence. This lovely woman is what you would call a Lady with capital letters. She is striking a confident pose, mature, sexy, unfazed and above all, very professional-looking and decent. This is a lady that you would love and respect.

Booty – This classy woman has a fine body, not what you would call a dope ass but just fine for a model [8/10]

Boobs – The lady is showing some fine cleavage through her see-through top [8/10]

Waist – A fine waist, and flat stomach. She has a perfect body of a model. Every part of her body, from the top to bottom is fine and proportional. A beautiful tall lady with fine legs [9/10]

Face – This is an attractive lady with matured beauty. Her eyes, and confident look gives you calm. You can’t help but fall in love with this lady. The lady is naturally photogenic, and her makeup has been applied professionally. She can give the best pose at any angle, the camera loves this black beauty and without a doubt, she is the best face on this blog.

Lips – Lovely red lipstick with a professional touch.

Hair – The short hair is just perfect, it fits in place with the rest of her elegant attire.

Swag – It looks like this mistress was born with swag. This is the Queen of swag and elegance. This lady definitely knows about fashion, her outfit is elegant, sexy and decent at the same time. We love her stylish mini dress, smart white high heels, feminine silver watch and the best makeup that we have ever seen in a long time. She is a natural modeling machine that cannot be found on the wrong side by the camera.

Overall – This lady is a pro, a tall beautiful black woman with a fine body and refined pose. She is a classy lady that you would be proud to be seen with. There is something about the look in her face and eyes that takes you to a paradise of serenity, something which calms you down. While other women provoke lust with their dirty dressing, this lady provokes love with her elegance and finesse.

Meet Some Elegant South African women – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


Party bodycon office mini dress – The mini dress can be worn on various occasions, depending on how much flesh it shows and how much comfortable you are with wearing the item in social settings. While the skimpy mini dresses which are which show a lot of flesh and cleavage very suitable for partying and clubbing, you can get the more decent types for office attire.Theseoffice  mini dresses will still make you look sexy and at the same appear elegant and smart. An example of a body contour mini dress to wear at the office is shown below:

A sexier type, more suitable for cocktail parties, club but which can also be worn at the office is shown below:

Casual Style Sexy Bodycon Lace Above-Knee Mini Dress For Office Work – from Aliexpress



Mar 30

Soweto Girls | Hot African Girl in Short Mini Dress

South African girl looks tempting in very short mini dress

South African girl looks tempting in very short mini dress

This Soweto girl from the South African townships is very tempting in her extremely short mini dress, which flows over her sexy hips and abruptly cutting just below her crotch.

Body Language – She is a deliberate temptress that knows how to hook eyes. Fashion is nothing, who doesn’t like a woman in a cheap skimpy outfit, she seems to be saying.

Booty – Anyone would love to have a peek at her booty, because the hips don’t like you know. If the hips are crying out loud, then the booty must be hot [8/10]

Boobs – She looks almost flat-chested, but that doesn’t take away anything from her gorgeous body [4/10]

Waist – A fine thin waist that flows out to form sexy concave hips that will make you drool. Congratulations for a flat stomach too, we like girls like these [8/10]

Face – She is looking at her smartphone, as if she doesn’t know the attention is on her gorgeous hips. Some girls are really good at pretending. Look at the camera please!!!

Lips – Not bad, but did she forget to put lipstick this morning?

Hair – The hair just got brushed on a normal day in the morning or evening, another daily chore, nothing to talk about really. She could have had anything on.

Swag – It’s hard to read swag on this picture. She looks like a girl who got up in the morning with nowhere to go except buy bread at the nearest shops or just sweeping the yard and cleaning the house. But anyway, the killer mini and hips gives you some points.

Overall – The girl decided to kill everybody with her micro mini dress, I can hear her say “To hell with swag”, you will have to like what I wear, whether you like it or not. Let me see, don’t you like this?

Meet Soweto girls – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Halter Openback Mini Dress Royal Blue Colour – from Global Lover – Also available in Rose,Black

Sexy Micro Mini Dress – This skimpy mini dress is very short, exposing much of your thighs and hugging your body. Only the brave can wear this sexy dress, but you can find women wearing this mini dress at night clubs and parties. Most of these dresses are made of Lycra or stretch material, that’s why you’ll see some ladies constantly stretching their hems to cover up their thighs while standing or getting inside a car. You can choose from opaque material or transparent material. The transparent mini dress will require you to wear some short pants and bra to cover up your sensitive areas. In what circumstances should you wear this thing? If you want to be the temptress that steals all the attention at a party, you might wear this thing, but bear in mind that it might have the opposite effect because people might shy away from approaching you or making direct eye contact while the audience is looking. Who wants to be associated with a….h**ker?

Mar 30

South Africa Girls | Sexy Girl with Wide Hips

Tall South African girl with sexy hips

Tall South African girl with sexy hips

A tall curvy South African woman with sexy hips, wearing tight pants and shoulder-bare t-shirt.

Body Language – This beautiful lady is sexy and she knows it. She is seriously confident, and you can’t tell her nothing because you know she is sexy. She looks like a no nonsense lady, this is a huge turn-on for a curvaceous girl like this. These types of girls are good in bed J

Booty – We know she has a dope-ass just by watching the front view of her wide hips [8/10]

Boobs – Not bad, they ain’t full but just sexy for her body [8/10]

Waist – The woman is blessed with wide hips and a thin waist, she also happens to have a flat stomach, which makes her super sexy [9/10]

Face – Like we said, she is a proudly sexy, beautiful woman with an expensive and rare smile “I am sexy and I know it”. We like the seriousness, pride and confidence that she exudes on her face.

Lips – Just okay

Hair – The thin long dreads look sexy on this young woman, and they fit in well with her wide hip coca-cola bottle shape.

Swag – The swag is right on, blue tight pants and blue bare-shoulder t-shirt with abstract patterns. The tight leggings are a good choice to show her curvy hips and booty. The 30 inch dreads are good on this lady. She is a big, tall and beautiful woman, with perfect curves.

Overall – We love the proud no-nonsense look, curvy tall body, matching skinny pants and t-shirt as well as the natural-looking dreads, which make her look like a real African beauty.

Meet South Africa girls – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


British style dark green off-shoulder t-shirt for women – from DHGate

Black off-shoulder T-Shirt for women – from Haodouyi Fashion Wear

Off Shoulder T-Shirt for Women – This is a stylish t-shirt for ladies that exposes your shoulders. It looks like a t-shirt that has a hole cut between the shoulders and the sleeves, creating the impression of sleeves that are hanging in the air and unsupported. You can get a long sleeve or short sleeve off-shoulder t-shirt. There is another type of t-shirt, the British style off-shoulder t-shirt like the one worn by the lady above, which consists of an off shoulder sleeve and straps. As you can see, it looks cool. This is a casual t-shirt that can be worn when you are going out or hanging out with friends.

Fab earth leggings for women (navy blue,green and olive) – from SweetCouch

Tight Leggings for Women – The woman above is wearing some tight pants which are good for shaping the thighs and legs. If you are confident with your curves, you can get these leggings to wear at a party, club or just chilling out. Be aware that some leggings are made for sporting activities such as jogging, exercise and gym. They are also differentiated into types for winter and summer, and you can tell this by checking the material they are made of. Do you have attractive thighs and legs that are well shaped? Are you having a flat stomach? Then you are the right type to put on leggings.

Mar 30

Durban Girls | Sexy African Girl in Bikini Striking a Pose

Sexy Durban Girl in bikini

Sexy Durban Girl in bikini

A confident South African girl from Durban, posing in a stylish way in bikini and thin strap brown t-shirt. Ya, this is what I am talking about, you have to give it your best.

Body Language – Our Durban girl knows how to strike a pose, and get out the best from what she has to offer. Her sexy slim body type and confidence is what a scouting agent would look for, in hunting for the next catwalk sensation.

Booty – We give her a few points in this department, but it depends on what you like [5/10]

Boobs – Not exactly the type that would make you drool [510]

Waist – She has a fantastic body shape, a thin waist and flat stomach [8/10]

Face – This pretty girl must be a fashion designer because she knows what to wear, and how to look the best in any occasion. Her expression is nonchalant and just cool, a real model demeanor. You don’t have to smile like an idiot if you want to show your best looks for the camera. Ladies take a lesson.

Lips – A glossy transparent lipstick professionally applied to beautify this babe.

Hair – The long wave dark weave looks fantastic for her age.

Swag – This is the queen of swag. She is wearing almost nothing but she manages to pull it off and be the eye candy that a guy can’t ignore. Her hand jewelry is right on and the sunglasses are a perfect add-on to make a fashion statement.

Overall – We like this girl, the pose, the confidence, and the fashion sense, even if she is just wearing a bikini and a thin strapped t-shirt.

Meet Durban girls – Facebook


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

A side string tie floral colours bikini – from Aliexpress

Side Tie String Bikinis for Ladies – The lady is wearing a bikini, the type that has strings at the sides to tie up. This popular skimpy outfit can be worn at a pool party, beach or private party. The bikini is worn as it is, with nothing underneath or something to cover it, so you have to be brave and confident about your body if you have to wear this thing in a public place like a beach. Summer time is the best occasion to strut out in your bikini, and cool down because it’s very hot. There are many types of colours and styles that you can find from a store, ranging from cool patterns to plain color, such as the black one below.

Black side string tie bikini – from Amazon

Thin Strap T-shirt for Ladies – These are ladies’ t-shirts which can either be tight fitting or loose, but they are all held by thin shoulder straps, and provide exposure of your shoulders and cleavage. If you are wearing a cleavage t-shirt, then you shouldn’t wear a bra because it looks unstylish and untidy. You will look much sexier and attractive in your t-shirt without your bra on. If you are going out, then make sure your bra matches your bikini, in case you decide to take off your t-shirt and show your fashion sense to everyone who is looking.

Mar 29

Mzansi Chicks | African Girl with Fine Boobs in Night Dress

A picture is worth a thousand words:

South African girl with no bra, showing fine cleavage

South African girl with no bra, showing fine cleavage

A braless beautiful South African girl showing some fine boobs that will make you swallow, wearing an African head wrap, some nice matching earrings, red polished nails and good lipstick.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – This is one beautiful woman, looking happy and definitely enjoying the moment. She might completely cover up her boobs and still look good.

Booty – Unfortunately, the camera does not show us her back assets

Boobs – She’s got perfect boobs, and the thin strapped bare shoulder dress that she is wearing does a good job of exposing of her cleavage, yummy! [9/10]

Waist – Her waist is hidden from the camera, but by the look of things, it seems she is a total package.

What the Face is saying – You can tell that she was not ready for the attention, but nevertheless she is extremely photogenic. She is capable of offering the best shot from any angle, whether she is happy, surprised, shy, nonchalant or serious, the picture is just awesome.

What the Lips are saying – The best lips and the best smile. A professional light touch of lipstick that brightens and moistens her lips.

Hair – The top knot bun weave hairstyle looks extremely good on this African girl, and she completes the art by putting a green African head wrap that matches well with her earrings.

Swag – The lady has got swag, everything matches well and looks natural on her, from the elegant African head scarf to her bare shoulder night dress that exposes her fine skin and boobs, the lady is admirable.

Would you want to bang this chick? – Hmmmm

Overall – This is nature’s beautiful product, she has the face and bust of a model, her skin has an attractive and healthy tone, matches well with her dress. The camera loves her, she has a sweet smile, and we love her hairstyle. This is a real African queen to be proud of.

Meet Mzansi Chicks – Facebook 


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Liliana Casanova Lutece Silk Lace Mousseline Nightdress Thin Strap – from HoneyBee Lingerie

Bare shoulder Night dress – The woman is wearing an open shoulder night dress with spaghetti straps. This sexy night dress has thin straps and it will expose your boob cleavage, covering a little more than half of your bust, and short of exposing your nipples, in a teasing way. The same style is also available for sundresses and party dresses that require you to show more of your upper body flesh. To make the outfit look good on your body, you have to be braless, so if you are thinking of wearing a bra with this dress, you must think again because it’s a night dress, and anyway if you do wear a bra, you will look like somebody with no fashion sense.

Midnight Blue Thin Strap Bare Back Dress – from Nelly

Top knot bun weave – You can get this hairstyle from hair suppliers as natural human Brazilian hair or synthetic hair, manufactured in China or Hong Kong. There are many types of colours, ranging from natural dark for African women to blonde for Asian/European women. The top knot bun and similar styles, goes well with an African head scarf.

Hair Knot Bun by Soft Degree – from Aliexpress

African head scarves – This is a head wrap that you can put around your top knot bun weave. It looks elegant and beautiful, as you can see, the lady above, she looks both sexy and elegant, when she is wearing this thing together with a spaghetti strap night dress. You can get head wraps of various patterns and sizes from Aliexpress.You have to learn how to put a head wrap appropriately by watching an online tutorial.

Check the African Head Wrap Styles – from CreativeFashionByQueenD

Mar 27

Coloured Girls | Sexy Girl in Ripped Jeans

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt

Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt

A sexy Coloured girl with curly hair, hot smoking body, wearing tight fitting worn-out slashed jeans and a short crop t-shirt that exposes a breath-taking belly.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – She is showing some confidence, because she knows she has a great body. One of those girls who don’t need to expose much flesh because they can still knock you out with clothes on.

Booty – The girl has some fine booty, a natural beauty [8/10]

Boobs – She is covered but you can tell that they are fine breasts, which are proportional to every part of her body [8/10]

Waist – a perfect waist and belly that any woman would want to have. It’s a belly to die for [9/10]

What the Face is saying – She has the looks of a model, you can’t read too much, and it’s definitely hard to guess. The young woman is beautiful.

What the Lips are saying – The red lipstick looks nice on her.

Hair – Her hair looks natural, the rich black long curly waves are just perfect for her face and body [9/10]

Swag – The skin tight torn jeans look cool with her white cropped t-shirt that does a good job of exposing her fine belly in a sexy way. Nothing looks wrong, everything fits in well, the curly wave hairstyle, simple white stud earrings and simple golden wrist bangles, plus a hot body.

Would you want to bang this chick? – The girl looks sweet,

Overall – This is one sweet and sexy coloured girl wrapped in one. She has the body of a model, a girlfriend that you would like to show to your friends. [9/10]

Meet Coloured girls – Facebook 


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Short crop t-shirt for ladies with bare midriff – from Aliexpress

Short crop t shirt for ladies – The woman is wearing a short crop t-shirt with a bare midriff. This casual wear will give you a cool yet sexy look at the same time, great for young women. You will realize that the t-shirt above has extremely short sleeves and it has a wide base, like a baby doll skirt. This type of shirt will make you look sexy if you have full boobs which kind of push the shirt forwards. The t-shirt is deliberately designed to cut off at the midriff, exposing your sexy belly. This female t-shirt comes in sleeves of different sizes; you can get the long sleeve, short sleeve, extremely short sleeve and the shoulder-bare sleeve.

High waist ripped stretch jeans for women body curve – from Alibaba

Destroyed jeans for ladies – These casual jeans have many names – ripped jeans, torn jeans and so on. The jeans are purposely made to look worn out, creating a cool fashion sense for young women. They are usually slashed at the front, as if somebody cut them with a razor or something. They are available for all body types, from slim to curvy. If you are the curvy type, getting the slightly skinny jeans which follow your body contour will make you look sexy. They don’t have to be skin tight, but just enough to compliment your bottom shape while making you feel comfortable.