Apr 09

Cute Nigerian Girl with Long Dreads

Pretty African girl from Nigeria poses in long dreads

Pretty African girl from Nigeria poses in long dreads

A cute Nigerian girl with a pretty face spotting some fine long dreads, looking cool, stylish and smart.

Body Language – The emphasis is on what is she is wearing and she has a pretty face of a model to achieve this.

Boobs – This is a flat busted girl but her good looks compensate for what she lacks in the cleavage department.

Waist – She is not a girl with a thin frame nor fat girth. Her waist looks quite flat, she looks very healthy, and her arms are beautiful.

Face – She looks young and fresh, smooth skin, thick lips and big beautiful eyes. Her makeup is spot on, achieving its purpose and drawing out the natural beauty that makes her look so cute.

Lips – An expert touch of red lipstick, just enough to enrich the texture and color of her lips. Lips look good for kissing.

Hair – The young queen from Africa looks attractive and cool in long dreads. They are long dreads, thin and fine, giving her a vibrant personality and looks.

Swag – This is what she is about. It’s clear her intention is not to arouse sex appeal with some provocative dressing, but she is making an effort to paint a sweet and lovable character that somebody would be proud to say “Hey that’s my girl”. The thin-strap dress is elegantly simple and silky loose, covering her bust and leaving some space to display her chic and short necklace.

Overall – She is a girl with a taste for trendy and cool fashion.


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Apr 08

Good Looking Nigerian Girl with Nose Ring

Good looking Nigerian African woman with nose piercing

Good looking Nigerian African woman with nose piercing

A Nigerian girl with good looks in all black attire, wearing a nose ring, round earrings and smiling at the camera. She is wearing straight hair, brown streaked Brazilian weave, over 30 inches long.

Body Language – What can we say, except to say that this beautiful lady has a positive and bright reaction. Confidence shines in her eyes and smile.

Face – She looks pretty, she could remove the nose ring and still look good. It looks like she is experimenting with radical body ornamentation, let’s hope she is satisfied with her looks, but you never know with these girls. They will never believe what the mirror tells them nor do they believe the hundreds of compliments they get each day. They end up overdoing things, and …phucking up.

Lips – A bright smile showing a clinical white set of teeth.

Hair – The straight Brazilian weave flowing over her shoulders and back looks awesome, along with the black attire.

Swag – The lady is into these things, she loves extra little pieces of ornaments and jewelry to add to her wardrobe and give her a unique edge. Big round golden earrings partially covered by her Brazilian weave fit in perfectly to give her natural good looks. I am sure you have seen one or two women with a bad sense of fashion. They have a bald head or short hair, and they think it’s a good idea to wear big round earrings that are half the size of their head. Big earrings look good if you have long hair that covers your shoulders, but each one to her own style.

Overall – A pretty chick with a bright smile.


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Apr 08

African Barbie Doll – Pouty Nigerian Girl with Thick Lips

Make up - Barbie-faced Nigerian woman with thick glossy lips

Make up – Barbie-faced Nigerian woman with thick glossy lips

This pretty African girl loves being a weirdo. Who said Barbie dolls are only found in Europe? They are also found in Africa. Fancy and fine makeup is the highlight of her picture, thick shining lips, big round earrings, fancy hairstyle, shiny metal bracelets and a fancy crop t-shirt that describes her inclinations towards virtual reality LOL.

Body Language – Her face is empty, with some kind of pouty dumbness that makes every Barbie doll attractive. That is one of the privileges of being an extremely beautiful woman, you can be as dumb as a doll, and still get everybody to like you.

Boobs – This attractive African Barbie doll has plus-size boobs hidden under a black t-shirt. Black is the overall theme in the picture.

Waist – She cannot see her belly because it’s blocked by her large boobs.If you look down and can’t see your belly, then congratulations, you have a flat stomach.

Face – Our Nigerian girl has an expressionless Barbie doll face. Artistic makeup makes her look so fine and unblemished. The skin looks so smooth, as fine as a ceramic dress display doll. Her eyebrows are meticulously shaped, her eyelashes are prominent and her skin is shiny. She looks like a life size mannequin, almost static, but if you slap her face or pinch her boobs, you will be glad to know that she is real.

Lips – The main focus on her body is the thick lips with glossy lipstick, to make her look so sexy and attractive.

Hair – The shining dark Brazilian weave is the hair knot bun with large thin curls on the forehead, which complements her Barbie doll face so perfectly.

Swag – She chose a good tight crop t-shirt of the right colour.The black t-shirt with words “Weirdo” ,fine and fancy makeup, soft head wrap, big round earrings and unique hairstyle prove that she is a lady with  personal style. There was a lot of professional input and long hours to give her this refined look, it certainly doesn’t look cheap, and it paid handsomely. She gets many rounds of applause for pulling out a unique look and swag, that many girls are not capable of doing.

Overall – This young Nigerian woman has something unique about her style and character, there is a lot of creativity built around being yourself and looking awesome, a thing which some ladies lack because they like following the crowd. If Miss Nigeria wears this fashion item then it must also look good on me.No, just because it looks good on Miss World does not mean it will look good on you. Just be yourself and find out what suits you best like this beautiful black Barbie doll!!


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Apr 07

Nigerian Samba Girl with Big Boobs Celebrates Festival

Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance

Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance

No, this is not a Brazilian girl celebrating samba, it’s a Nigerian woman. This jovial African beauty is looking sexy in a bodycon top that allows somebody to take a peek at her big lovely boobs.The bridge between those marvelous boobs is enough to send hormone tickles through your body. More appetizing than McDonalds roast chicken breasts.

Body Language – The big-breasted Nigerian girl is in a celebratory mood. We all know what Samba girls look like. They are very keen to strip off and dance for everybody. They like the shocked attention that is heaped on them by members of the public, but while some will be enjoying the festival samba dance displayed by these colourful girls, most guys will be surveying the curves and the tingling movements exhibited by these girls.

Boobs – A Samba dancer who is all covered up is not attractive, but the word itself conjures up imaginations of a scantily dressed girl with colorful head feathers and body gear. It is a must to show some flesh and cleavage if you need to be desired by the onlookers. This Nigerian African girl did just that, she has some boobs to be desired.

Face – She is a fine beauty with fine facial features.

Lips – This sexy dancing woman is pouting her mouth, like a model who is about to blow kisses to the crowd. There is a hint of self-centredness and vanity in her eyes, they type you would find in girls who’ve been told a million times how beautiful they are. She is an angel and she knows it.

Swag – It’s a celebration and she looks awesome in festival attire. The purple bodycon dress that she is wearing shows a fine bust, with firm oozing boobs that are irresistible to peek at.

Overall – Beautiful girls are found at Samba Festivals in Brazil, but you can also find beautiful black girls at Nigerian fashion shows. This girl looks more beautiful than the emaciated models strutting the ramps.


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Apr 07

Sexy Coloured Nigerian Girl with Big Boobs

A sensual Nigerian Girl - Top view of boobscape and curves

A sensual Nigerian Girl – Top view of boobscape and curves

A juicy Nigerian girl, mixed black girl with big boobs and hot smoking curvy body looks at the camera while she is lying on a bed. The light skinned African woman is wearing a short mini dress that draws out her cleavage very well .As she rolls over the bed, her tempting boobs follow the rhythm, rolling sideways and spreading all over.

Body Language – This curvy sexy girl knows she is a good sight to watch, she is showing no emotion almost expressionless, like somebody who is watching a brick wall. As she stares into the camera, she knows somebody is watching her and breathing slowly, but what can it be? She may never know the answer but her boobs are doing the talking.

Booty – Seems like she has one hot ass, judging by her curvy body.

Boobs – They are breath-taking and gorgeous, a perfect sight to watch and heal your mind. As she turns over the bed, her jugs sluggishly follow pursuit, flowing sideways and making any guy’s mind go crazy. A warning should have been placed: Watch these boobs at your own risk.

Waist – Again, judging by the looks, she is a curvy woman with breathtaking flesh. Taking a look through the camera angle, her waist should be slim because there are no signs of bumps, only sexy curves are observable even as she lies on bed.

Face – She is a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin. There is overall symmetry on her face, a wonderful sight to watch.

Lips – Beautiful lips, not on the thick side but just perfect for a natural beauty like this one.

Hair – A part of her black hair is dyed with blonde bleach, a stylish hairstyle that doesn’t look bad.

Swag – Ha ha, she is not about swag but sensuality and sexuality, but anyway the dark blue tight mini dress is hugging her body so well, and shaping out her gorgeous curves, that everybody wants to see.

Overall – Several words can be used to describe this light-skinned African queen: juicy, sensual, boobylicious, full, curvy and very tempting. She is beautiful, and healthy. If you like a girl that has everything, then this might be the girl to choose.

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Apr 06

Miss South Africa 2015 Beauty Pageant Winner is Liesl Laurie – PICTURES


Liesl Laurie [centre] is the new Miss South Africa.The 1st and 2nd princeses are Refilwe Mthimunye and Ntsiki Mkhize

Liesl Laurie [centre] is the new Miss South Africa.The 1st and 2nd princeses are Refilwe Mthimunye and Ntsiki Mkhize

The winner of the Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant is a young and educated woman who also happens to have a kind heart and pretty face. Miss Liesl Laurie, 24 years old, became the 2015 Miss South winning finalist on 30 March 2015 beating contestants from other regions. Reactions from Twitter were mixed when the winner was announced, but as much as Liesl surprised some people who did not expect her to win, among them the leader of a political party, she also surprised many when it is was revealed that she comes from Eldorado Park, a township which is under-estimated and looked down by most people because of its social status.
Liesl Laurie is a shining star who brings hope and something positive to her township, Eldorado Park, a township in Johannesburg which is well known for high levels of crime and social ills such as drug dealing and unemployment.

Liesl is a student graduate from the University of Johannesburg in Soweto. After completing her  B.Comm Degree at the University of Johannesburg ,the coloured beauty took a one-year break from the campus and embarked on a full-time modeling career which also allowed her to get involved in NGO community projects that strive to improve the lives of children in Eldorado Park and the surrounding poverty-stricken informal settlements. Last year, she launched her own community project, the Pearl Project outreach programme, which seeks to motivate teenage girls through the hosting of workshops at schools around the location.

Pictures from Miss South Africa 2015 Beauty Pageant

The winner - Liesl waves at audience

The Queen of South Africa – with crown on her head, Liesl sits on a golden throne

Miss South Africa 2015 Crown and Diamonds Necklace

Miss South Africa 2015 Crown and Diamonds Necklace

Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers

Liesl (Left) Standing with reigning Miss World 

Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers

Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers

The Queen of South Africa - with crown on her head, Liesl sits on a golden throne

The winner – Liesl waves at audience


Apr 05

21 African Women Strip Naked and Get Their Ass Licked By a Pastor


A pastor ordered 21 women to strip naked,then kissed their asses,in order to give them blessings,so that they can find a husband LOL

A pastor ordered 21 women to strip naked,then kissed their asses,in order to give them blessings,so that they can find a husband LOL

The controversial picture has been circulating around the internet since July 2014 and it shows at least 20 naked African women lining up on the beach, and kneeling on the sand with their buttocks sticking out, and a man purported to be a pastor kissing their asses to impart ‘blessings’. It is claimed the pastor took the single ladies to a Caribbean beach resort, where he invited them to the beach and ordered them to strip naked so that he can give them blessings to find a marriage partner.

One famous female blogger had this to say

One famous female blogger had this to say

Apparently, these were single church ladies who were desperately looking for a marriage partner, and they complied with the pastor’s order to strip naked and get blessings to find a man.However, there are questions about the authenticity of the stories. The origin of the picture remains unknown, no details are given and the sources are unverifiable, which makes one doubt the credibility of the stories.

In most cases, with regards to controversial stories like these, the author or reporter would have given the name of the church, pastor or location where the event happened, but no details are available, it’s just a picture. The person who posted the picture might have deliberately done this to achieve a viral effect.

Some stories say the women are from Nigeria, and some say they are from South Africa. The story has appeared on Reddit where one community member provides a link to a Twitter account where the story is supposed to have emanated around the month of July in 2014.

Members of a church or cult doing crazy things is not something new. A church in South Africa [The Rabboni Centre Ministries] has been in the news headlines after the pastor [Mr. Lesego Daniel] ordered his congregation to eat grass and drink petrol. In Nigeria, a 53-year old pastor [Mr. Timothy Ngwu] was arrested after he impregnated more than 20 female members of his church, who include young girls and married ladies. He says he slept with the women under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In Kenya, a pastor ordered his female congregants to come to church without bras and panties so that God can easily enter them. All these stories prove that people can be brainwashed to do crazy things in church, so the story of women stripping naked at the beach might be true.

A pastor from South Africa told members of his congregation to eat grass because "believers are supposed to do unconventional things"

A pastor from South Africa told members of his congregation to eat grass because “believers are supposed to do unconventional things”

A Nigerian pastor impregnated at least 20 women and young girls from his church.He claimed the Holy Spirit directed him to have sex with them

A Nigerian pastor impregnated at least 20 women and young girls from his church.He claimed the Holy Spirit directed him to have sex with them

Other Possibilities:

It Might Be a Porn Photo Shoot

It is possible that the naked black women at the beach are not church congregants, but sex workers or strippers who participated in a commercial porn shoot. The guy who is kissing the women’s bums is wearing some earrings. A male earring or piercing is not exactly a decent fashion item that a pastor would put on. This is the kind of attire you would expect for pimps, players, bad boys and non-believers. The guy in the picture might be a pimp ,porn actor or something. It is not known whether these are African women or African American women, but they might be porn actresses.

It Might Be a Smear Campaign against the Church

It boggles the mind why the poster never gave details about the photo. He or she might have done this to smear the church. If the story is real, the author would have obtained an opportunity to defame the church by giving the names and details to a news agency who would do the investigations, but the story lacks substance and it’s obviously fake.


Apr 04

South African Girls Reveal Thighs and Boobs in Church While Sitting Cross Legged in Mini Skirts

At a church service in South Africa,ladies in short dresses sit with legs crossed,revealing too much

At a church service in South Africa,ladies in short dresses sit with legs crossed,revealing too much

Are Christian women and girls in South Africa becoming more liberal than the rest of the world? A church sermon or what seems like a Christian Revival conference is going, the building is packed, all seats are occupied, the camera zooms to the front row, and lo and behold are four or five attractive ladies dressed in very short mini dresses. You might mistake this for a Victoria Secret modeling contest or Miss South Africa pageant where it’s normal to have skimpily dressed women around. But this is a church service, it’s not a club party or modeling contest. Just check those thighs again, they are so breath taking and tempting, you can’t resist taking a glance while everyone is praying.

The picture was quickly shared with friends and within a short time, it became viral. Why would South African girls who profess to be Christians, dress in such a sexually provocative way, and for that matter in the House of God called Church? People gave a lot of interesting responses, some of which are hilarious and funny:

Clubs Are Running Short of Rich Men

Apparently, the ladies in the picture, and those of the same feather have realized that the clubs and shebeens are crowded with the average guy in the streets who doesn’t have moolah, the opportunistic types looking for a fish to catch. You can find rich men at uptown clubs but as soon as the newest club is opened, it is quickly swarmed and overwhelmed by small-pocket players from the hood, who will travel all the way from the townships just to be seen at the fancy clubs. These township guys are usually smarter than the rich guys in the house but they won’t have even one dollar in their pockets. You can easily spot them because they like to be everywhere, and they usually take prominent positions to show off their swag. No wonder why South African babes are fleeing the clubs and flocking to prosperity gospel churches. They have realized that the real deal is in the church.

Filthy Rich Guys Are Found in Church

South African women are flocking to Church because they heard that’s where you find extremely rich guys. We are not talking about middle-income earners or that rich guy from Soweto who drives a BMW, we are talking about filthy rich men, those who drive Bentleys, Limousines and Cadillacs.They own a private jet or two, have properties scattered in posh surbubs, and often, they will take regular trips to the Bahamas and other Caribbean resorts.

The Competition is Getting Tight

The competition at clubs is getting tight, but it has always been tighter than the competition in church, so the ladies are going to places with less competition, in search of greener pastures. In the club, there are no limits on what you can wear or take off from your body. If there is any recreational spot that has inspired some of the hottest and craziest fashion, it is the club. The competition is about how much flesh your attire can reveal and how many heads it can turn. It’s a competition between micro miniskirts, transparent dresses, tights, bustiers, crop t-shirts, baby doll nighties, mini shorts and a host of other fantasy costumes.

Back to the church, a quiet and more subtle competition has been going on for many years among the ladies. It has always been a venue for decent dressing but lately some South African girls can’t take it anymore. They have watched in silence while their potential hubbies were snatched away from them, so now they have decided to up the game. It’s a game of the brave, it requires guts. It requires you to be a temptress, to flaunt your thighs and boobs. Meanwhile, the rich guys in church are not reading the bible anymore, they are planning who to go out with next.

Apr 04

Nigerian Girls Go To Church in Skimpy Club Dresses

Girls attending church in short mini dresses in Nigeria - Source HotNaijaNews

Girls attending church in short mini dresses in Nigeria – Source HotNaijaNews

If you thought that skimpily dressed women and girls are only found in the night club or party, then you should think again because African girls in Nigeria are taking over the church, and literally turning it into a fashion show for wannabe Victoria Secret models.

Critics are bemoaning the loss of morals in the church when it comes to dressing code, and the culprits are Nigerian girls who flock to a Sunday morning service dressed in tight short sexy mini dresses that reveal thighs and boobs.A lot of flesh and cleavage is revealed by these ladies, who come to church to worship God.

Are Christian churches in Nigeria and other parts of Africa evolving? Have churches relaxed the rules and precepts by which a Christian should live? Why are these girls allowed to come to church in seductive attire? Is this a new breed of Christians that believes in the freedom of expression and dressing? Let’s look at the possible reasons for the emergence of this new trend:

Era of Liberal Churches – Liberal God

One may argue that we are living in an era where a lot of liberal churches are sprouting in each and every corner of the city or town. This kind of church is run by pastors who do not really care about conservative values of Christianity. The aim is to relax the rules, do away with the Law of God and at the same time, paint God as a liberal. This has several results. When you relax the rules, everybody will like your church. Let’s be real, a lot of people think church is boring. They want to keep their hedonist ways and pleasures. They are not looking to be judged or told how to live their lives. This includes how they dress or what they do with their bodies.

Influence of Celebrities and Media

Unless you do not really care about what’s going on in the entertainment world, there is a high chance that you have a favorite role model in the form of a celebrity, a popular singer, actor, diva or mogul. When you have a celebrity who inspires you, the next step is to like and follow her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. What celebrities do or say is very powerful because they have an army of fans who will take it seriously. There are celebrities who claim to be devout Christians and yet they are as hedonistic as they come. If your role model is appearing half-naked on your newsfeed half of the time, you will naturally think that’s a right thing to do, because she is successful anyway. What can stop you from wearing skimpy dresses to church when your role model is doing it daily and anywhere?

It’s the Heart That Matters

Ladies are well known for turning things around, if she says she is right, you can never win the argument, even if you invite the pastor to preach to her LOL.Charismatic leaders have always known that people like sound bites and sayings, that in some cases mean nothing and actually stupid when you analyze them.Yeah, just as nonbelievers will quote statements, churchgoers like quoting favorable scriptures that suit them. An African temptress who comes to church dressed in sexually provocative attire that shows a lot of skin, will tell you that it’s the heart that matters, not what you put on your body. That’s what some Nigerian girls are saying.

Apr 04

Tall Nigerian Girl in Short Dress Shows Thigh While Lying on Bed

A tall Nigerian woman in short mini dress showing some leg

A tall Nigerian woman in short mini dress showing some leg

The smiling Nigerian African hottie lies on bed and shows us her delicious thighs, with her short dress stretched back. Fresh lipstick is on her lips and she is happy to have the company of a cameraman on what looks like a boring day.

Body Language – The sexy black Nigerian girl is showing a positive attitude, smiling and giving a victory sign with her fingers. At the same time, she does not shy away from revealing her wonderful thighs.

Booty – Yay, a peek under that short dress shows something bootylicious.The photographer was an idiot not to ask for a turnaround shot. She seems so friendly and willing, if you know what I’m saying [8/10]

Boobs – It seems she loves her thighs more than anything, but she has some nice cups [7/10]

Waist – This tall woman has a good waist and normal stomach that ain’t pregnant with McDonald’s sandwiches. She has wonderful limbs, sexy arms, thighs and legs. She also looks good in bed too.

Face – The lady has a beautiful smile and good attitude. She is saying “Hey feel free, you can take as many pictures as you want, just tell me what to do”

Lips – The lipstick looks fresh and inviting. Just the right touch for a romantic night.

Hair – It looks like this photo was taken in the morning, she is putting on dreads, which look gorgeous although that pleat looks unnecessary.

Swag – It doesn’t apply in this scenario. She is lying on bed wearing a sexy short dress which looks a little bit worn out.Apparently,she likes this short dress, it may be one of her treasured items that she pulled from the attic. She is seductively sexy and irresistible.

Overall – This is a charming, sexy African lady with a pleasurable body. She is one tall woman with a dream body. The African temptress proves that black is naturally beautiful and she does this by wearing minimally, actually she was caught by the camera just chilling in the morning with no plans for preparing makeup or selecting a wardrobe list for this occasion. Yes, black African women are juicy and attractive.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Short Mini Dress – This tall African babe is wearing a skimpy mini dress that looks good for spending the day in the bedroom or just at home on a Sunday weekend. The mini dress can also take the place of a night dress that you would wear when you are going to bed. The woman in the top picture is wearing the bare shoulder type mini which covers the cleavage area.