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Oct 03

Bacchanal Jamaica 2017 – Road March Pictures – Girls Gone Wild

Bacchanal Jamaica 2017 – Road March – Girls twerking in the streets

Oct 03

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Pictures 2017 – SOCA – Girls in Swimsuits

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2017 – Girls in costumes taking part in the street parade.

Oct 03

Antigua & Barbuda Carnival Pictures – Jouvert 2017 – Girls Gone Wild

  Antigua & Barbuda Carnival – Girls twerking on other girls in day-time street party.

Oct 02

Caribbean Carnivals – Dates & Activities

Carnivals To Find Sexy and Beautiful Girls Antigua & Barbuda Carnival – Jouvert  The Antigua carnival is an annual celebration that starts from the monthend of July to the first Tuesday of August. The Barbuda carnival is the first to come and takes place in June. The other name for this celebration is Caribana. There …

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May 11

Sexy Dance Styles from the Caribbean – Popular Sensual Dances by Caribbean Women and Men

The following is a list of dance styles from the Caribbean and North American Islands, which you may find sexy. Most of these sensual dancing styles are of African origin, and of course in some cases, the dance is an innovation, comprising some Latin influences or just a mix of different elements, borrowed somewhere in …

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May 07

Carnival Celebrations in The Caribbean, North America and South America – Annual Events

Carnivals in the Caribbean region, North and South America are the most popular and largest in the world. If you want to experience a carnival of your life or the mother of all carnivals, then pack your bags, book a hotel and get a flight ticket to South America, destination Brazil or take a vacation …

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