Sex and Porn Marketplace


Sex and Porn Marketplace

Our Girls Will Create Anything for You

AirtimeChicks is an adult marketplace.


Women – Be an Airtime Chick

If you are a woman above 18 years, this is your chance to make money by creating content requested by buyers. After signing up with this website, you will be able to create videos, audios and pictures requested by buyers. Our buyers are mostly men who are looking for adult content in the form of full porn, semi-nude porn, clothed sex and sexually suggestive displays  – i.e. cleavage, posing, teasing, body shaping attire, low cut dressing , role playing, dirty talk and any type of exhibitionism. Post Your Content Now! It’s Free

We only accept original content from female account creators, we will not accept content from third party sources, content where you are not appearing and any content that does not belong to you. You are not allowed to post content on behalf of other persons. In order to ensure original content on this site, we will need to verify your identity. You have to upload real pictures of yourself. No Photoshop.

Men – Be an Airtime Buyer

If you are a man above 18 years of age who is into porn, voyeurism, striptease, telephone sex, webcam sex and non-contact sex, this is your opportunity to get what you want and fulfil your desires and fantasies. From straight porn to semi-nudes and fetish clips, you can get it here. Just post your requests, explaining what you want the model to do in the video or picture. Our models will do anything for you, and the videos/pictures are yours to keep. Prices start from only $1. Try it Now! It’s Free

Here is an example of a job that you can request:

“Make a video. I want a blonde with big boobs to shout my name 6 times between mourns while masturbating in front of the camera. She must be in office attire, slumped back in a chair with unbuttoned shirt, and poking her pussy with a vibrator.She must wear no underwear under her skirt”

What is an Airtime Chick?

An “Airtime Chick” is an adult female actress, model or poser who provides content on this site. She is a seller who posts requested content featuring herself in the form of audio, video and pictures.

Only females over 18 years of age can be Airtime chicks. We accept members from any part of the world.

Make Money from Videos/Pictures/Audio

You can make money on this website by uploading your videos, pictures and audio. Browse the jobs posted by buyers. Select a job that you are interested in and place your bid. The buyer will contact you. All jobs have a price tag. Placing your bid means that you accept the job and you will complete the task at the Buyer’s price.

You are not allowed to bid for a job if you know that you can’t do or complete the requested task. Be reminded that this is not a negotiation platform. The service is provided “As Is”. This applies to every feature on this site i.e. the Buyer’s job, price and requests. Our aim is to provide simplicity on this site. We believe in a straightforward service that benefits both parties – the buyer and the seller. This is not a dating site where you are not guaranteed to get what you want or where you are going to waste time with people who play games.

Amateur Porn Models

This site is intended for webcam models and amateur porn actresses who can provide homemade content – videos, pictures and audio. In order to succeed on this website and generate more sales, you must provide high quality pictures and videos, so make sure that you have a good HD Camera with you. We accept videos and pictures shot in any environment, place or setting as long as they are yours and you are featured in the video.

What Kind of Jobs Does a Model Do?

Female models will do jobs requested by the buyer. The delivery will be in the form of a video, audio or photo. This includes:

  1. Anal
  2. BBW
  3. BDSM
  4. Big Tits
  5. Blow Jobs
  6. Bondage
  7. Booty Shaking
  8. Creampie
  9. Erotic
  10. Facial
  11. Female Domination
  12. Fetish
  13. Fetish Clothing
  14. Foot Fetish
  15. Group Sex
  16. Jerk Off Instruction
  17. Lesbian Sex
  18. Masturbation
  19. Mature
  20. Money Shots
  21. Oral Sex
  22. Other
  23. Pregnant
  24. Public Sex
  25. Role Play
  26. Sex Toys
  27. Smoking
  28. Spanking
  29. Straight Sex
  30. Teasing

 Joining This Site and Earnings

Being featured on this site is free of charge for both Buyers and Models. Once you are registered you can begin using the site. Buyers only pay upon selecting a bid which is placed by a model. This money is kept securely in an escrow account until the buyer is satisfied with the job. He will then release the money upon completion of the job. This money is deposited into your account as Earnings. Join Now and Start Earning!

We keep the money in our Escrow account in case of any disputes between the Buyer and the Model. If you can’t resolve the dispute with your Employer, we will adjudicate the case based on evidence provided by both parties. If the Model is on the right side, we will release the money into her account. If the Buyer is on the right side, we will return the money to his account.

How Much Can You Earn as a Model

On this site, your earnings depend on your work and whether buyers love your work. The most popular models have positive reviews from satisfied clients. If you are quick to respond to customer requests, finish jobs on time, do a perfect job and use high quality cameras, you will be on your way to be a 5 star model. The most successful models can earn anyway up to $3,000 a month.

Jobs on this site range from $1 to any amount. It depends on the Buyer. Models on this site are often members of other adult sites such as PornHub where it’s very hard to earn money because members earn on a CPM revenue model which pays per 1000 downloads or 1000 video views. The CPM rate is usually low, only a few cents and it will take you years to earn a decent amount unless you can generate something like 10,000 views a day.

On AirtimeChicks, earning is easy, you don’t need to sweat for page views or grind out 1,000 downloads for a dollar. Here, you can set your price e.g. $1 for 1 download, that is $1,000 for 1,000 downloads. Also a lot of buyers on this site post jobs in the $10 to $40 range, which you can earn in a day. If you can get a job each day, the minimum you can earn is $300 per month. Now that is extra pocket money you can use for eating out at a restaurant or paying bills. Start Earning as a Model Today – Sign Up!

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