Sexiest Dance Styles from Africa – Popular Sensual Dances by African Women and Men


Mozambique - Massinguitane Dance
Mozambique – Massinguitane Dance

A lot of people are familiar with singers/dancers like Nickey Minaj, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, some of whom are popular because of their booty shaking and waist movement skills. When some of these famous booty shakers released their hottest music videos, featuring booty shaking, what you might call twerking, the media would portray their trending videos as the newest dance style on the block, giving the impression that the dance style never existed before the artist’s debut.

Every time a good-looking dancing diva from the US comes with a new dance style, which in most cases is a knock off from a lesser known individual or country, she is always credited with “inventing” a new dance. But do you know that most of the sexiest dance styles are originally African and they have been practiced for many generations by lesser known countries and tribes in Africa? If you thought Miley Cyrus’ lewd stage acts are anything to go by, then you have never travelled the world. If you thought Nickey Minaj does the best booty shake, then you have never seen the original booty shake. The Goddesses of waist and loin movement reside in Africa.

Here are some of the original sexy dance styles from Africa, some of which have been widely adopted or in the process of being adapted [“stolen”] by westerners he heJ. It’s not a joke, but dance schools for African and Asian dance are sprouting everywhere in Europe and USA. Anyway it’s good to share culture as long as proper credit is given. Without wasting time, let’s take a journey into the top sensual African dances of all time.


The Top 6 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Africa

Kizomba Dance
Kizomba Dance


Kizomba [From Angola]

Kizomba is an original and sexy dance style from Angola, a coastal country in Southern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean shore. They say Kizomba is a dance style that was developed by young Angolans from Zouk and Semba dance styles in the 1980s. Judging by its wide adoption, sensual belly touching and bottom gyration moves, you can’t help but admire this stimulating dance which is highly desirable for couples and partners. There is no doubt that this is the most sensual dance style, which will always come top in Africa and the world. From the look of things, this is not a casual dance that can be mastered overnight unless you are a confident and flexible dancer who likes to flaunt their thing, definitely not a dance for the shy. If you can’t dance Kizomba, then you will definitely enjoy watching, it’s simply sexy, juicy and marvelous.

Tarraxinha Dance
Tarraxinha Dance


Tarraxinha [Angola]

Angola also takes claim to the second sexiest dance style in Africa, which is called Terraxinha.Terraxinha is the latest dance developed and loved by young Angolans. It’s a variation of Kizomba, and as usual, the creative Angolans don’t disappoint when it comes to creating an artistic and sensual dance. If you like Kizomba, then you will also like Terraxinha.It’s simply lovely and desirable, a sexy dance for partners on the dance floor.

Egyptian Belly Dance
Egyptian Belly Dance


Egyptian Belly Dance

Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, which also happens to be one of the earliest human civilizations, also happens to be an African country which came with the most graceful and sexy dance in the history of the world. The Egyptian belly dance is a sensual dance that is usually performed by single female dancers or a group of female dancers. There is a reason why ancient Kings and Pharaohs always told their servants to bring belly dancers to entertain them in the court when they were bored. Belly dancers are simply beautiful to watch. There is nothing as stimulating and desirable than watching a belly dancer.

Kwasa Kwasa Dance
Kwasa Kwasa Dance


Soukous / Kwasa Kwasa /Ndombolo [DRC Congo]

Soukous is a waist shaking dance from the DRC [Congo], which has consecutively transformed into Kwasa Kwasa over the years, and currently the Ndombolo version. This highly suggestive dance is very hot when it’s done by women. Because of its sensual and sex appeal, the dance gained a lot of fans, making it extremely popular. In the 1970s, the dance spread to many African countries and eventually gained ground in Europe in the 80s, especially France and the UK.Another factor which contributed to the immense popularity of Kwasa Kwasa was the attempt by hypocrites to ban the dance in four African countries, including the DRC where it originated.Kwasa Kwasa dance videos were censured in the DRC in 2005, but they are played in other countries, where fans and TV broadcasters love the dance. The ecstatic feeling that this dance leaves you with cannot be denied. It’s simply fantastic.



Baikoko [Tanzania and Kenya]

Baikoko is the Tanzanian and Kenyan name for a sexually suggestive dance that is traditionally done by women. The original and hottest baikoko involves women lining up to dance while an audience watches. The dance involves a sensual rolling of hips and “cutting the waist”, it is especially a breath taking scene to watch a woman do the baikoko while lying face down on the floor. You can’t help but admire the sexy moves, especially if the woman is curvy. A woman has to be skilled, self expressive, agile and flexible to pull this sensuous act.

A dance like baikoko and its variations is known by different names in many African countries. One thing you have to understand is that this dance which is called “twerking” in the USA and social media, is originally African. While the modern dance has been adopted for entertainment and social purposes, the original dance was just a mere ceremonial act, with no suggestive intent. Modernized people who are exposed to daily salacious movies, videos and commercials may think it’s suggestive, but to the traditional African or Arab man, it’s simply a ceremony. For example, in Congo, women of the Luba tribe do the Mutuashi dance (which resembles Baikoko) to pay homage to chiefs or as a celebration.

Baikoko Dance - Suriname
Baikoko Dance – Suriname

Sensual Dances in Africa which Resemble Baikoko:

  • Kidogoro – Tanzania
  • Mutuashi / Mutwashi – DRC, Angola, Zambia
  • Mapouka – Cote de Ivoire
  • Massinguitane – Mozambique
  • Sabar / Leumbeul – Senegal
  • Funana – Cape Verde
  • Chakacha / Kata Kiuno / Viuno – Swahili dance
  • Niiko – Somali
  • Kawitry – Malagasy
  • Afro-Arab Malaya dance
  • Punta – By African tribe called Garifuna in South America
  • Chaabi Chickat – Morocco


Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati
Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati


Swazi Reed Dance / Lutsango Dance [Swaziland]

The Swazi reed dance also known as Lutsango dance is included here not because there is something skillful about the dance, but because it’s a beautiful cultural dance displayed by a people who have kept their tradition to this day.While other cultures are melting away and reducing the world’s diversity pool, the Swazis are proud to keep theirs. Can you imagine if everybody dressed and acted like Americans, it would be very boring indeed. That’s why we need diversity.

Another reason why the Swazi ceremonial dance has been included is the unique dancing attire, which a lot of pop/hip hop divas would want to copy, but they can’t because their culture doesn’t have the same freedom as the Swazis. Let’s be honest, a lot of hot female singers like Rihanna,Nickey Minaj and Miley Cyrus secretly wish to go topless and bare their breasts on stage, but they are afraid of the backlash and censure it would cause. Remember the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? Ha ha sorry you may be millionaires but you don’t have the privilege to go topless, it’s only for the Swazis.


Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance
Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance